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In Topic: Mental Omega Mission Loading Screen Template

28 September 2018 - 10:52 PM

Since the loading screens of the new Covert Ops are all simplified, I've remade them just now, using the official loading screen template.


Note the one for Survivors is different for the other Epsilon missions... that is inspired by the "irregular" one, Awake and Alive's loading screen.


attachicon.gif a20c.pngattachicon.gif a20d.pngattachicon.gif s06c.pngattachicon.gif s22c.pngattachicon.gif s22d.pngattachicon.gif e12c.pngattachicon.gif e21c.pngattachicon.gif e21d.png

Awesome job mate! Is there any way to use these templates for the new covert missions? I don't like the way they look to be honest...