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#1062018 ini crash help!

Posted by kkyuleug on 13 July 2017 - 06:04 AM



What I mean to separate is to separate wk armor and Nazgul armor on the fellbeast.
Can I add your code to fellbeast.ini? Would you show me the whole code you think? I don't know Where to put your code..
I added your code in fellbeast, It conflicts with the game..
Thank you for your reply. Just a little more help plz  :smilehuh:


I still don't understand what you mean with "separate", they are already separate. You need to explain it better cause I don't understand what you want to do.


Also, you're doing it wrong with the code :p


In the ini.big file, open



Press Ctrl+F to bring up the find/search window, search for NazgulArmor and it will take you to the armorsets of nazgul and with king. Here you can make a new armor for witch king while he's riding the fell beast if you don't want him to use the one he has now. Just copy paste one of the armorsets, change the name to whatever you want and edit the values to your liking.


Witch King and Witch King on Fellbeast are two different objects so you have to enter the code in two different places.


You can find the armorset property of Witch King on foot in




You can change his armor on foot  under "ArmorSet" simply by changing the "Armor = ToughHeroArmor/WitchKingArmor" (whatever armorset he has in your version of the game) to the name of an armorset you created in armor.ini.


Same goes with Witch King on Fellbeast. If you want to edit his armor go to:




In this ini file there are multiple objects. One called "Object MordorFellBeastInterface" which is the object template that normal fellbeasts use. This object has its own armorset. Then if you scroll down a bit you will find another object in this file called "ChildObject MordorWitchKingOnFellBeast MordorFellBeastInterface".  This object too has its own armor set. Look a few lines down further and you will see another "Armorset" line. Again, if you want to change the amor of Witch King on Fellbeast, just change "Armor = WitchKingArmor/NazgulArmor" or whatever it says to "Armor = *Name of the armor you made in armor.ini* "



OMG!! I know why you didn't understand what I mean! 
Because my fellbeast.ini's "ChildObjectMordorWitchking" doesn't have Armorset code!
So,I thought there was only one armor.....
I don't know why it does not exist. :whatoa:
Thanks to your advice, I added "Armorset code" to "ChildObject" and it works very well !! :smilehuh:  :smilehuh:
Thank you!! Thank you very much!! I could not solve this problem for months.
But thanks to you, I am so glad I was able to solve it!!
You are the best!  Thank you!!    :thumbsupxd:  :thumbsupxd:  :thumbsupxd:  :thumbsupxd:  :thumbsupxd: