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Commandset Problems

12 January 2006 - 09:56 PM

I've noticed a few problems with the command sets of various units. They're not major issues, just a little weird and/or annoying. Here are the ones I can remember:

Air Force dozer: There is an arrow to switch between basic and advanced structures, but the only structure in advanced is the Bunker. Seems pointless.

USA Dozers: The buildings seem to be sorted out sorta weird, since pretty much it's original structures plus some and a few more you added in the other set. Seems weird to call it basic and advanced. I would divide it between Defenses and Base, unless the AI won't work with the button.

USA Barracks: The Special Forces and their grenades are the only three tabs on the Advanced Infantry set. However, there is enough room on the basic set for them, so again the seperate sets seem pointless.

All War Factories: Again, the division between vehicle types seems weird.

Drones: Most of the time, whenever I select two types of USA tanks, each with the same drone options, I can only build the battle drone if that when both are selected. Ditto for China. That's annoying, can you fix that?

Anyone else know of some more?

Remove Chinook carrying capacity?

31 December 2005 - 04:42 AM

Vanguard said he was going to remove the carrying abilities of the Chinook so it is strictly a supply unit. The Blackhawk will only be able to carry infantry. This means the USA becomes the only side besides the Militia to be unable to get vehicles over water without bridges, since China has the Helix and the GLA has tunnel networks. The only way to get an airborne vehicle transport is by capturing a tech airfield. What do you guys think?

Next Gen Consoles

05 December 2005 - 12:29 AM

So which consoles are you guys getting? Here are the pros and cons that I know of:

Nintendo Revolution:

+Downloadable Games
+Best First-Party Support
+Developer Friendly
+Lowest Price
+Backwards Compatability
+Now Online free
+Many are opposed so the price would probably drop sooner

+-New Controller Design
+-Focuses on games, less extra features

-Router required for online play
-Less powerful console
-Less third party support

Xbox 360:

+Bungie's support
+Best online network
+Solid controller design
+Shooter King
+Now seeing RPG action with Bioware among others
+Lots of extra features

-Not much first-party support
-Expensive console
-Online requires broadband, hard drive, and fee
-Console seems centered almost entirely on onilne network
-Not as much variety as others
-Limited backwards compatability

Playstation 3:

+Most third-party developers
+Best graphics(POSSIBLY)
+Free online network, already experienced with it
+Lots of extras
+Squaresoft support gives it the RPG power

+-Blu-ray disks have more storage but may drive away developers due to price

-Most expensive console
-Controller is CRAP
-Sony has a long record of medicore games, probably will continue here
-Lots of the good games are on other consoles
-Graphics depend on time spent on game, so it probably won't have many games that look better than the other consoles
-No first party support

Personally, I'm getting the Rev immediately and a 360 later when the price drops.