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23 December 2012 - 11:03 PM

Another couple of other things I noticed when playing on the above mentioned map with the same three opposing forces!

Firstly, for Nod and the Soviets, a large number of infantry would gather next to the barracks and construction yards and would not be used for the entire battle. At first I thought that this was because they were protecting these two structures but this seemed a bit of overkill, and then I thought maybe it's because they could not reach my base since it was cut off. To test this I changed the battle to 'Free for All' so they would attack each other and noticed they still never used the infantry.

The second thing may not be a problem with the AI or maybe just a limitation of it. In every battle the Soviets would build a nuclear reactor to power its base, which is fine and not a problem since most people would do the same. However, in each case the reactor was an incredibly easy target since it was always on the outskirts of the base with virtually no protection. I actually had no problem taking it out in every battle with Harriers without losing a single one.

Thirdly, Soviet V3 rockets could have easily bombarded my base but they never tried doing this, the Soviets did use them on the Yuri and Nod bases when playing in the 'Free for All' mode.

Sorry, to be pointing out these AI problems (or limitations) in your fantastic mod, I know it's still work in progress and hope my feedback helps in some way and does not discourage you and your team.

In Topic: AI behavior feedback

23 December 2012 - 08:50 PM

I played skirmish battles as the Allies against AI controlled Nod, Yuri, and Soviets forces using the map 'TS Grassy Knoll'. For starters I played the AI on easy and just managed to build some defences up before the waves of attacks started. Eventually I won but it was a hard slog as you would expect with three enemies coming out at you.

However, what really tipped the balance was the fact that my start position was at 3 on the map which is a little island with high cliffs that only had two bridges (one destroyed already) that connected it to the main land mass, By destroying the other bridge I was attacked only from the air by Yuri's flying saucers and the Soviet’s Kirov airships, these where easily countered with patriot missiles. There were no attacks from Nod forces after I had my tanks force fire on the bridge to destroy it. None of the AI controlled forces attempted to repair the bridge with an engineer so they could cross with heavy armour.

Next I tried the level on brutal and tried the same trick of destroying the bridge to isolate my base, this time a Yuri engineer did repair the bridge and crossed, but this happened only once in a very long battle. Also Nod still didn't try using the air to get at my base but as expected I was constantly assaulted from the air by Yuri and the Soviets, this time with a lot more force when it was on easy.

All in all I found the difficulty levels just about right except for the two points raised above, namely, Nod being nullified when I blew up the bridge and the AI only once using an engineer to repair the bridge to get at my base.

In Topic: December update

22 December 2012 - 07:05 PM

I only discovered this Mod a week or so ago and have been playing it to death ever since. The team behind the Mod and those who have contributed should be very very proud of it. It's actually one of the best I have tried for either Red Alert 2 or Yuri's Revenge. I will be trying to post some feedback soon and really hope that this Mod continues in the future.