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Error 1-2 When Connecting to Co-Op Partner [RED ALERT 3]

19 February 2017 - 08:55 PM

Game: Red Alert 3

Version: Origin (unsure of actual game version - how to find out?)

Trying to start co-op match we get 1-2 failed. NOTE: We are both on the same LAN; however, I have tried to connect via a VPN and the issue persisted.

Both Windows 10


I've tried setting DMZ to either PC. I've tried port forwarding (both 16,000 to either PC, then tried 15999 to one and 16000 to the other, while setting the port in the game options)

I've tried with and without the firewall override in options.ini

I've verified the IP is right on game options (including changing it to the VPN adapter when I tried over VPN)

I've tried connecting to random people online and they told me some players couldn't connect to me.


Output from Nat test tool shows this on both PC's:

Received 3 pings from nntest.cnc-online.net:40000.
NAT negotiation works with your router and connection.
==> You do not have to use port forwarding.
Press any key to continue . . .
    error log from %TEMP%:
    ----- C&C:Online Launcher Start -----
    Game: Red Alert 3
    Red Alert 3 Install Path: G:\Games\Command and Conquer Red Alert 3\Red Alert 3\
    Started game with: ""Red Alert 3\RA3.exe""
    Caught CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT from Red Alert 3. Detaching...
    Found game.dat process. PID 516
    *** Starting CA public key patching routine ***
    CA public key is expected value.
    Successfully patched CA public key.
    *** Starting hostname hooking routine ***
    Injecting DLL into game.dat process...
    Result of injection: Code -1073741582
Thanks for you time!