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Constructive Criticism

19 February 2013 - 06:43 PM

Alright...so I got this mod a little over 3 days ago and have been playing it a lot. While this is an AWESOME concept, there are some things that I feel really make it frustrating.


For starters, the gameplay needs to be HEAVILY balanced. Well, let's just say I was able to defeat 3 brutals using ONLY ents...


Another thing...the length. Oi! I understand that you fellows are trying to make longer, siege-like battles, but I feel this really just crosses the line. I just DO NOT have time for a 3-4 hour match in my day. I would rather play 2 or 3 medium-length battles then one looooong battle.


So...I probably will not be playing this mod very much. However, I will be checking back for updates regularly so that once these issues might be solved I will play.


But I must say...the level of detail that went into the developement of this mod is just breath-takingly spectacular.