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In Topic: bugs on DDay

09 September 2013 - 03:02 PM

First i want to say huge thank u to Mig for that mod its epic. But i have few questions about the gameplay. 
1) I cant see the colors of the diffrent teams. When u play with 3 or more players u just cant see what is happening.. too much grey in the game and the units are hard to be recognized..
2) Too much viachles ..during the game it take a lot of time to see what is anti aircraft, heavy tank, or anti infantry. or to make difference between the inftantry units.
3) I played Red Alert a lot and i can say that im good against computers but those just bolown me away.. doesnt metter  if it is easy, hard, or medium they just never stop pulling forward tanks i cant even organize defence.. And this is not becuse im noob or something .. on hard they start attacking  may be  at the 10th minute, on easy at the 15-20th may be .. and once your oponent start he dont stop until u are destroyed.. I think the game is far too hard.. with all these mistakes.. 
I dont want to hate or something.. the idea is epic and if u fix even 50% of those things it will be priceless..  Thank u again for the great job u have done and don't take my advices personaly.. 
PS: My english is not verry good, im from Bulgaria.. Please excuse me ..thank u :))