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This account has not been activated yet. Please follow the activation link sent to you...

19 April 2017 - 02:09 AM

So I've just recently signed up for the account, and after hitting submit I received a webpage error, 5-0-something or other. Well, after that, assuming it didn't finish I tried signing back up and was told that the email and username were already taken. So I tried logging assuming it had actually gone through. To which it responded saying that,

  • This account has not been activated yet. Please follow the activation link sent to you by e-mail.

Well, okay, that makes sense. Guess I gotta activate it. So I went to me email and found nothing. Checked my separated inboxes, my spam, refreshed, searched for keywords like "command and conquer," or "verification," and found nothing. Confused I hit this forum with searches and saw a few with similar issues in the past. Someone mentioned that their forum account worked, so I tried to see if mine did, and it did. They also mentioned that they were able to re-verify their account via the forums ability to change email and resend verification. So I did that, using gmails "+(something)" tag on existing emails and was able to change and resend the accounts email to the modified one and back to the existing email I'd started off with.


It was all working on here so I went back to the main site, tried logging in and am still receiving the red text posted above. I just wanna play with my friends and am trying to figure this out for them as well as they're not too familiar with programs and tools like these. So if at all possible it'd be awesome to get this issue sorted as well as receive a tip or two on how my friends can avoid this issue in their registration.