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FA2 Triggers/Celltags

24 November 2013 - 11:20 PM

Hello ! I have problem with Triggers in Multiplayer maps. I want make a "trigger" which gives me tagged building when i cross over Celltags.

I tried this : Trigger 1a - House America - Event - "Entered by" House "Player A(1)" Action - Enable Trigger "Trigger 1b" - Celltag
Trigger 1b - House America / Disabled - Event - "Elapsed Time" Action - Change House "Player A(1)" - Building

It doesnt work frown.png I tried in Trigger 1a Event "Entered or Overflown By" but still nothing happens frown.png

Please can someone tell me, how can i make it work? 
BTW: Im using Mental Omega 2.0 Mod.

Thanks, Jackob

Sorry for bad english. O:)