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30 January 2014 - 12:06 AM

I have a new idea for a mod in RA2YR by combining Mental Omega's sub-faction style and AGSA's Combat Doctrine style of teching. The storyline is based on the idea that the Nazi's didn't rise in Europe but Imperial Japan still went to war in 1940s.

America did react to Japan's act of war by countering the forces that attacked Pearl Harbor but due to the lack of funding and support from the Europe, since they're seeing the looming threat that might come from the Soviet Union, US failed to protect their satellite states in Asia except for Australia. Imperial Japan moved in to the rest of Asia with ease and the only problem of the "Doves of the Peace Party" is having the conquered people to support their empire and with Emperor Hirohito's support this was done with ease, to spare the lives of Japanese soldiers. Imperial Japan resorted to use fair diplomacy treaties to other Asian countries to conquer the hearts of its people. With the empire consolidating in power, the Soviets are now itching for a fight and the rest of the world is prepared to go to war but all this faded away because to the global peace treaty officiated by the League of Nations in 1945, stopping all forms of military campaigns or face certain penalties or the possibility of war. The Empire was in the signing of the treaty and the Soviets, having a little pain in their hearts, went through peaceably. Peace and Prosperity ran through the three superpowers but 35 years have passed and the Empire has now greater plans for its people while the Soviets pave the way to a new world of communism. War is in the wind but the storm hasn't arrived yet, prepare yourself Commander.

So here are the Factions, their Sub-factions and their locations:


Soviet Union:
- U.S.S.R. (Self-explanatory)
- S.P.D. [Soviet Psicorps Division] (Location Unknown)
- S.A.U. [Soviet American Union] (Latin America)

Allied Nations:
- U.S.A. (they put Canada under their protection)

- European Powers (Self-explanatory)

- Oceanic Front (Australia and the Oceanic Islands)


Asian Empire:
- Imperial Triangle (China, Manchukuo and Japan)
- Pacific Armada (South East Asian Countries)

- Peninsula Legion (India and some parts of South Africa)

*In order to gain more interest, I'm putting more content but I'm open to ideas and some support.

Soviet Union Research and Developments


Allied Nations Research and Developments


Asian Empire Research and Developments