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Act 3 information.

02 June 2018 - 07:22 PM

Because i simply dont trust the words of others, and theres been couple of rumors, i want to make it clear.
Will there be Act 3 eventually? Since the rumors say something like "theres wont be act 3", "the next update will conclude the story" etc etc...

For me its just some non-checked lies. So i demand Speeders answer, as an author of global MO plot. This topic had to be done eventually.

How to record MO?

22 September 2017 - 10:51 AM

So... ive tried to make an stream on twitch with OBS Studio, feat. MO. But the problem is... as record of stream shows: i have only a black screen. Ive used the screen capture, later on ive tried window capture, and even more later even tried changing renderer from default to IE, TS (ill not include endings tho, as they simmular) and windowed mode, with borderless, but both last options really lag the game.
Any suggestions how to stream normally, without too much FPS loss? I use win 10 and MO 3.3.2.

P.S - if anyone curious abut my streming - im not planning to make a popular channel, and i dont do streams recently. So, im not pro streamer. xd
I will be thankful for help, or just simply discouraging me from this venture

Also even if solution will not be found, post may be useful for someone who wants to stream too. Or just record.