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10 June 2006 - 12:21 PM

Aisling found the books rather easy with the help of Andraste. After a long and exhausting climb he reached the top of the tower again. He knocked on the door. “Come in.” He entered and closed the door behind him. “I'm back master, with the books.” “Ah it's you Aisling. I was quit busy reading, so I didn't noticed your arrival.” “I got all the books that the Grand Library had about seers and visions.” “Good, but before we start studying, tell me more about that latest vision of yours. But remember, don't try to remember them, don't life them over again. Don't think of the as memories. Pick a picture and see it as a painting.” “Ok Caedmon.”

Aisling relaxed, went back to the vision. He went back till he exited the house. Then he froze the scene. “Tell me what you see Aisling.” “I see that most buildings are on fire. The raiders ride on horses. They, they wear Pythogrian armor.” “They're Pythogrians soldiers?” “No, they don't wear them as an uniform, None of the suits of armor is complete.” “Then who wears them?” “I think there human, the got a head, two arms and legs. I think they're about 2 meters high, it's hard to tell from the point of view.” “Could you get a better view later?” “Yes I think the one that charged to me, just before Gundar and Andraste pulled me back.” Aisling went forward, till the moment the raider charged towards him. He could see the raised blade, the face. Yes off course the face. “I can see that his face is covered by a large tattoo.” “What sort of tattoo?” “Orange shapes, hard to tell, but I recognize it from somewhere, I must have seen it before.”

Ok Aisling come back.” Aisling left the scene. When he opened his eyes he saw that Caedmon was searching for something in a book. Suddenly he stopped, clearly he found what he was looking for. “You mean this Aisling?” Caedmon pointed at a drawing of a barbarian, who's body was covered with flamelike tattoo's. “Yes, off course, I saw it in the book Flamewarriors, about the barbarians in the south, east of Ferania.” “Hmm, that's interesting, I don't see why the Phyros would attack an Feranian village.” “Maybe they're hired by someone else?” Aisling replied. “Yes possible, well let us first begin your new study as a seer.” “A seer? I'm a battlemage!” “Nobody said you can't be both boy, so get started.”

Bogland, The Great Palace, Throne room
They refused?! How dare they to refuse me something!” Bozhidar was furious. Morana shook her head. How can she work with this man? Sometimes he acted like a child! But she had to hang on, she was so near. She opened her eyes again, looked at lord Bozhidar and smiled. “Lord I think they need a lesson, to show them who they're dealing with.” Bozhidar seems to calm down, so she continued. “Shall I send word to your troops to raid the rest of the caravans?” “Yes, do that, show them that you don't refuse lord Bozhidar something.”

It will be done mylord.” Morana smiled at Bozhidar and then quickly left the room. She couldn't possibly take more of him. First she needed a messenger, so she walked to the stables. Besides horses the stables also located the messengers. Morana didn't have to look for a messenger, she found one sitting outside carving some wood. “I got work for you messenger. You'll go to the southern borders , to Pythogria, There you locate captain Vlador. Tell him to proceed, he'll know what to do. You'll find captain Vlador probably along the northern main river. “Ok mylady, I'll go right now.” Quickly the man went inside to get his things. Morana loved this kind of blind obedience. She walked to her chambers in the castle.

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06 June 2006 - 01:16 PM

Sorry guys that I haven't posted last few days. I've been sick, well I'm still sick but it's getting much better. I'll start continueing the storyline now.

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03 June 2006 - 10:50 PM

OOC: I'm so sorry :p Didn't knew she's a woman, will edit that. Demands are if you will give Bozhidar weapons and armour.

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03 June 2006 - 11:14 AM

"What happened?" asked Aisling when Andraste and Gundar helped him up. "You suddenly collapsed and fell." Gundar put his arm under Aisling. "Come we need to get you back to the university." The three of them walked back to the university.

Canopy, Brangard, University of Magic

"You can walk by yourself again?" "Yeah I think I'll be ok, thanks Gundar." Aisling started climbing the stairs to the chambers of Caedmon. After a few minutes he reached the door, he knocked. "Come in Aisling" he heard from the other side. Quickly he entered and closed the door behind him. "What's wrong Aisling, I felt our bond weakening about half an hour ago." "Master I had another of those dreams, visions. This one was stronger and when I was fully awake." "Hmm, had any more visions lately?" "Not that I'm aware of master, but it's possible that I had a few when I was asleep." "Hmm, yes, I see. I think it's time I tell you more about those visions. Back in the Old Ages there have been many seers. Yes Aisling I think we can be certain that you're a seer. The last know real seer we know of is Naren Haldor. He was the battlemage that destroyed this planet. Seers have been important to our history as long as we record it. Most seers had important positions at the court of kings and queens. Of course their visions didn't always come true, but the were taken as warnings. If a seer foresaw the dead of a king, the guards were doubled and they might stop the evil from happening.

But since the great change we don't know of any seers. Maybe you're the first, maybe other have gone unnoticed. It's lucky you're here, otherwise we wouldn't have found you either. It was of you extraordinary talent that your father send you here. Perhaps this is all mend to be, who knows." "Master are you saying, I might be a oracle?" "No, no boy, not an oracle, oracles are fake, no you really see the future. I think it's time we begin your education as a seer. I want you to go to the library and get me all the books you can find on seers, visions and prophets. I'll need to check something I read years ago." "Ok master, I'm on my way."

Pythogria, Ivan Dresari's office, Foreign Relations Minister

"So he demanded it again!?" Collete Brunel was still angry, and she could feel the rage return. "Who does he thinks he is! What was his name again?" "Bozhidar, ma'am, Lord Bozhidar." "Well I think that he can go to the edge, but I'll ask Farel first first." "Of course ma'am, of course." Garet was quite angry, how could Dresari send him to take care of this crazy lady. He knew the minister said he was to ill when he heard Brunel was coming, sure he looked a bit pale, but Garet was sure he just didn't want to talk to this crazy lady himself. He was relieved to see her leave.

OOC: Pyth I need to know what the reaction of you government is on the demands of Bozhidar.

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03 June 2006 - 09:34 AM

Pythogria, Ivan Dresari's office, Foreign Relations Minister
The doors opened with great force, it hit the wall with a loud bang. "How do you mean he demands it?" yells Collete Brunal loudly. "Who is this man, who thinks he can demands things of the Pythogrians!" "Well ma'am, he pointed us at the fact that he already took some of the items by raiding our transports in the last 3 months". "So it was him? He confessed the crimes!?" Ivan Dresari noticed that Brunel started to turn a little red. "Well, he didn't say he did it, but he said that he would get what he wanted anyway. Then he pointed at the caravanroute at the map, the one that was raided two weeks ago". Brunel was getting really angry now, she knew she should calm down. "The little worm, if I could get my hands on him then..." What was that? Did she just saw a shady figure behind Dresari? No it was gone, she must have imagined it. "what I ment to say is how dares he to insult us this way."

Canopy, Brangard, University of Magic
Aisling opened his eyes, while laying on his back the sun blinded him, so he got up. Sitting on the bench he looked around the university gardens. Two birds flew by, towards a large rosebush. He stood up, after his nap he needed some food. He decided to visit a tavern in the city. He started moving towards the maingate of the universitie when he met Gundar and Andraste in the hallway. "So were you going Aisling?" asked Gundar. "I'm going to the city, to get some food. I heard of this nice little tavern in the harbour". "Oh, but then we're coming with you!" said Andraste. "We could use some food ourselves". "Ye Aisling, that would be fun". "Ok I'll show you the way then". Together they walked out the gate, towards the harbourdistrict.

After a short walk they reached the tavern, The Floating Fish. "The Floating Fish, What for a name is that?" Gundar asked. "I got no idea, but the food is supposed to be great, so let's find out if it's true". The three of them entered the tavern, inside it was small and crowded. There was this strange smell of fish. Gundar guided them to a table, when they were settled down the landlord approached them. "What can I do for you?" Aisling began to speak "We would like to have lunch here" "Oh certainly sir, we got an excellent smoked salmon, seashells on a bed of seaweed and we got boar with a honeysauce". "Hmm, I'll take the boar, you?" "We take the smoked salmon." "Ok, two salmon and a boar." The landlord walked away to the kitchen.

Around an hour later they left the tavern. Aisling felt full and satisfied. What was that? The smell of smoke? He looked from under the table. He couldn't see much, there was too much smoke. He crawled away from under the table and looked around him. He was in a house, but it was burning. Quickly he moved towards the door, as fast as his little feed could carry him. Where are mommy and daddy? He looked outside, through the wrecked door of his home. On the other side of the streets at the far corner he saw two raiders setting mister Talec's shop on fire, in front of the shop he saw mister Talec's body, at least he thought it was mister Talec, the body was trampled by horses so it was hard to tell. He stepped outside, looking for a familiar face. "Mister Iltas! It's me." Iltas didn't notice him, he ran straight past him. Maybe the Umira are home, they would know where his parents are. Quickly he started running towards the Umira-house on the other side of the square. When he was halfway a raider noticed him. Quickly he charged towards the little boy, Aisling could see the raised blade. "Aisling, Aisling, are you ok?" "Aisling wake up!" The voices sounded familiar, one was male, the other female. Who were they, what did they want?