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You can discribe Bogland with one word, swamps. Bogland is located east of the Cursed Lands and north of Pythogria. Large parts of Bogland are swamps, lakes and peatsoil. Not typical farmland, the natural resources of Bogland are very different. They export oil, tar, gas and peat. Everywhere in the countryside you can see tarpits, burning gasfields and swamps filled with peat.
People prefer to life near the mountians in the north. The ones that life from peat life in big communities builded on poles. With the Cursed on the west most export is done by the inner sea of Zhagarath.

The bogs seems humans from a distance. But don't be fooled, from close you can see that they're definently no humans. The bogs have a pale skin, almost grey. Their eyes are black, like a rat, you can barely see any eyewhite.They have slightly pointed ears and black straigth hair. The biggest difference are the eyes. They got few dozen small razorsharp teeth, like piranas. Bogs mostly eat meat, they like the big waterrats that you can find in most swamps.

The bogs were ruled by a sytem of warlords. Each warlord has its own land. The warlords change almost as often as the pieces of land. A warlord has it's own army, sometimes they make an alliance to stop a stronger warlord, they can't take themself. This has all changed, one warlord has taken control of the whole land. He defeated all the other warlords. He crowned himself king of Bogland. His biggest achiefment isn't defeating the other lords but uniting the region. This process wasn't flawless, he isn't only a great military leader, he's alslo known to be very cruel. Many learned to fear the name Bozhidar. But he wouldn't have lasted without the help of his lefthand, Morana. She's his counsiler and advisor.

The economy of Bogland isn't very strong. They export gas, oil, tar and peat. Bogland is very self-centered, you trade to survive. There is one thing the bogs are good at, ships. With their knowledge of tar and the requirement to export by sea made them excellent shipbuilders.

Bogs are great fighters. The many wars the fought over the centuries hardened their race for battle. Because of the large amount of swamps heavy armor is rarely used. Guards at a castle wear it, but the regular soldier prefers reïnforced leather. The leather is from some kind of animal. Nobodu outside Bogland really knows. But it's black and very strong. Bogs wiled one unusual weapon, a scimitar.
A bog-army can be devide in three main groups. Archers, infantry and cavalry. The bogs have great cavalry, very skilled and fast. The horses are trained to walk on the moiss and dangerous land.

-updated later-


30 May 2006 - 06:07 PM

Hi this topic is about all kinds of things related to Zhagarath. Here you can post suggestions, ask questions, and I ask you guys things too. Let me start with two questions for you.
1. Please post here the names of the important people of you goverment. At least the ones concerned with foreign policies.
2. secondly here is my map. It's a rough version, but it's mostly to show you were you are. If you hate your place let me know, and why :p
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28 May 2006 - 02:11 PM


The lands of Canopy have a high concentration in magic. You'll won't notice it much when you cast spells, but you can see it in the terrain. Large parts of the land are seperated by ravines, not just canyons, but these ravines don't just go deep, they seperate the very world. There as deep as the edges of the world. They have no bottem. They end were Zhagarath ends. These dangerous ravines are filled with clouds, rising from the deep. Most ravines can be crossed by bridges build by the Canopians.
Beside the ravines you have the woods. The woods of Canopy are deep and dence. The cover most of the land. Some say the woods of Canopy are unnatural healthy and green, they don't seem to be effected by the change seasons.

The Canopians are supposed related to the elvenraces. Some of the Canopians have pointy ears, although some have not. Even the Canopians scholars aren't sure where the Canopians come from. Besides the sometimes pointy ears Canopians have a light skincolor. There around 1.80 till 2 meter in size. Canopians aren't particularry strong, but it's said they're very agile.
Canopians are shaped to life in the forests, the got flat, big feet, which is easy walking on the leavecovered ground. They're also very good climbers. They easily climb in a tree to see what's ahead.

Customs and Traditions
Guilds have a unique position in Canopy. Each guild represent a part of the sociaty, people of surtain professions. The guilds are supposed to keep order. Every working man is supposed to join the guild of his profession. There 11 different guilds in Canopi.
Guild of Miners
color: gold
diggers(holes, sewers), goldseekers, miners
Guild of Traders
color: red
merchants, shopkeepers, innkeepers, vendors
Guild of Boatmen
color: blue
fisherman, skippers
Guild of Bakers
color: yellow
bakers, millers
Guild of Farmers
color: green
farmers, hunters, lumberman
Guild of Butchers
color: purple
butchers, tanners, skinners
Guild of Craftsman
color: orange
blacksmiths, carpenters, glassmelters
Guild of Masonry
color: brown
constructionworkers, engineers, bricklayers
Guild of the Night
color: black
thiefs, contractkillers, fences
Guild of the Watch
color: claret
watchmen, guards, also soldiers
Guild of Bards
color: white
bards, storytellers, musicians, actors
As you can see almost every aspect of the sociaty is part of a guild, even the thiefs. Although the Guild of the Night isn't officially registerd and it doesn't have all the right and privilages of the other guilds it has almost just as much power. The only part of sociaty that is reprensentated are the slaves. Slavetrade isn't a large sector. Most slaves are just convicted criminals, some though have become slaves by bad luck.
Slaves are generally treated with the same respect as most people, but they're still slaves. They get no paiment and need to obey there master. Although most blacksmiths for example buy young boys, they teach them there profession. One day they free the boys, then they give them a choice, either go into the wide world and try to make it on your own, or stay here and become a blacksmith. Most boys decide to stay. To free a slave you give him a freedom tattoo. Most owners make sure that there slaves don't run off by giving them a tattoo with there masters sign and/or name. Slaves are rarely sold again. Most bards are former slaves, the turned wear there freedom tattoos with great pride, the even sometimes "improve" them.
Slaves are used for a wide variaty of things, from beeing a maid to a novice of a smith to a mineworker.
Colors are very important to the canopians. Colors represent the guilds. The color of your scarf can display your guild. You really need to watch what you wear.

But most of all slaves are used by the glassmakers, the melters and the blowers. Glass is the number one export product of Canopy. The Canopians are very skilled with glass. There master piece the the city of Bjartborg. Glass is widely used in the Canopians culture. All houses have glasswindows. Some of the middleclass have glass glasses and bowls. The rich even have glass ceremonial daggers.
The industry is quite bit in Canopy, not just glass, they also got plenty of ore. Most common are iron and copper, but gold, silver and adamentium are also commonly found, used to make jewelry and such. A lot of it is exported.
Transport is done by boat, zepplin and on foot. Most transport is done by boat. It's fast, reliable and not to expensive. Transport by zepplin is expensive and only used by the rich adn traders that need to transport something really quick. Transport by land is most of the time a last option. There some big mainroads through the forests, but even those aren't compleetly save. The forests attrack fairies. Dangerous little fellows, luring unprepared travellars deeper into the woods. Sometimes they even trap them in a magic-circle. They serve only one good purpose and that;s beeing a lamp in a bottle. The Canopians use galss fairytraps to traps the little fellows and use them as lamps for a few weeks, then the fairy dies.

The goverment of Canopy is an democratic oligarchy. The goverment can be devided in to two seperate parts. The great families and the guilds. The great families are elected once every 3 years. From the great families there will be a few elected to from a govermental body. They have the most power. The guilds are represented by their guildmasters. A guildmaster is choosen by the guildmemembers as their leader.
Becoming a guildmaster is the highest honor you can receive in a guild. A Guildmaster is normally named for life, but can easily be replaced if a more competent candidate shows up. The Guild of the Night is of course not reprensented in the goverment. The goverment gathers in the capitalcity of Brangard. The guilds can come up with laws, but they have to be approved by the families before the can be used. Another power of the guilds is a referenda, a vote by the people.

Important Cities
Brangard: Brangard is the capitol of Canopy, here is the goverment gathered. Brangard is a huge city. Around the govermental buildings you find a huge park. It's a honor to the flora of Canopy. It's created by one of the greatest battlemages Canopy has know, Andraste. Therefor we can assume that the park is magic of nature. Around the main conferencehall there is a circle of huge trees. Nobody can remember that one of them ever got ill or died.
Allmost all main guildhalls are here, whit the exception of the Guild of Craftsman and the Guild of Miners. They both are located in Hemming.
Bjartborg: Bjartborg is the masterpiece of the glassmakers. The city is located in the mountains on the foot of a huge dam. The dam has a huge lake which is used for fishing. The lake is populated with drakes. Huge white reptilian creatures. They've red eyes and some very sharp claws. The usually don't attack humans, they eat fish, but if provoked they can be deadly.
From the dam three huge glass pipes rice, these three pipes are aquaducts. The pipes provide water for the city and it's people. Besides normal drinkwater the pipes supply a large variaty of smaller pipes, these supply waterfalls and fountains. The glasspipes have a relief on them, sometimes with colored glass. When the water runs trough the pipes and the sun shines on the all you get a spectacular effect, the relief of the pipes will be projected on the ground.
Hemming: Hemming is the main industrial city of Canopy. Here are the guildhalls of both the Guild of Miners and the Guild of Craftsman located. Hemming is the centre of the canopian mining. Here you'll find the highest concentration of slaves after Brangard.
Besides mining Hemming is the heart of craftsmanship. Here are msot of the foundries and glass-ateliers located. From Hemming a lot of things are exported to foreign countries. Hemming is the main provider of Canopy of jewelry, weapons, armour, metal householdobjects and of course glass.

Because the Canopians are so good with glass, glass is used a lot for decorationpurposes. Not just in the windows, also on facades of buildings. Besides the glass the Canopy are skilled in masonry. The build huge stone dykes against the rivers. The also use the as wall to protect their cities. Also buildings are normally build on a huge stone "hill". A whole line of houses is build on one of these stone walls. The walls are in fact hollow, inside the wall the cellars a located, which can be accessed trough the houses. Stairs will lead you to the top of the stone walls. Traffic, like oxcarts will move down, along the walls. You can cross the traffic by bridges.
Your status can be viewed by a look at you home. The richer you are the more floors your house has. It doesn't stop at floors, chimneys are even more important, again, the taller the better. On the chimney canopians put flags, representing their guild. Guildbuildings are usually high, the Guild of Craftsman is know that they have most of the time multiple chimneys, of which one is always very tall.
The mainroads through the woods are also an example of craftsmanship. Every 100 meters you got a watchpost, a smalltower with a cabin, to rest. Every watchpost is has 2 guards, sometimes 3, they keep watches while the other sleeps. Their job is to make sure fairies don't abduct people. When the fairypopulation greatly increase watchposts are always guarded by 3 men, 2 at the time, to make sure a guard doesn't wander of himself. Every guardpost has a flame with magic powder, Burning the powder gives a little defence against the magic of the fairies. Although most of time you'll find only 1/3 of the posts in use. It's to expensive to keep them all supplied. The roads themself are 6 meters wide.

The Canopian army isn't very big, but in case of war civilians will form militia's. The Canopian military doens't believe in supreme armour, they favor mobility. Canopian soldiers are all members of the Guild of the Watch. They work very closely with the guards and watchmen. A lot of the older soldiers get leading positions in the citywatches. They difference between the guards and the military is that the guards work with a lot of freelancers and volunteers. You can easily make a little gold by singning up by the citywatch.
The military is voluntarybased, but again, in case of war you can be forced to join the militia's. To keep the milities effective combatrelated sports are encouraged by the goverment. Sports like archery, ancient hand to hand combat, dueling with staffs and horseriding. The militia's can be easily armed by the Guild of the Watch which keeps weaponsupplies in their guildhouses through out the cities.
The army can be roughly devided in seven groups.
Heavy armoured frontlinetroops - 25.000
First you get the heavy armoured frontline-troops. These are the most armoured troops in the army. The wear mail with several small plates. The honorguards that protect the goverment are also counted as frontline-troops because of there heavy armor.
Swordfighters - 100.000
Next you got the second group, the backbone of the army, the swordfighters. The canopians are masters in swordfighting. They're highest swordfighters are often described more as dancers then as soldiers.
Swordfighters are less armoured then frontline-troops. The wear mail and leather. They often don't wear a helmet because that limits their view. The swordfighters themself can be devided in 4 groups. First you get the elite, these "dancers" are masters with swords, the can fight with every type of blade the Canopians know. Most prefer a bastardsword. They wear mostly leather, often reïnforced with metalrings and such.
Secondly we got the two-handed swordfighters. These are used to break the enemy line of defence. These warriors wield their sword with two hands. It reduces their manouvrebility but greatly increases the damage they do with one blow. These troops are armoured with mail. Thirth we got the dualwielders. Dualwielders wield two slightly smaller blades at the same time. Their masters in close-quater-combat. They're often used to take an enemy city. There armoured with a combination of mail and reïnforced leather. As last we got the ordinary swordfighters, the largest group. They wield one blade with either a (small) shield or a dagger. They're armoured almost as good as the Two-handed fighters. They also wear helmets.
Guards - 40.000
After the frontline-troops and the swordfighters we got the guards, yes the guards. The guards are pretty heavy armoured. They wear a combination of mail, plate and reïnforced leather. The guards are simulair to the militia's their called upon in times of war, the big difference with militia's is that the guards are better trained with weapons, often slightly better equipt. Guards often use halberds and swords, a few can handle a bow. Guards are rarely used as offensive troops, most of the time they just have to defend the cities.
Archers - 80.000
Group number four are archers. Archers are frequently used in military campaigns, archers are perfect in the dence woodland to set an ambush. Archers are usually helped by the militia's since a lot of the militiamembers practises archery as a sport. Militia archers are mostly used for bombardments and longrange shots, the professional archers however are more trained in firing a lot of arrow fast and precise.
Cavalry - 7000
The canopians don't use to much cavalry, first animals are mostly used for transport of goods. Sure you find people uses a horse to travel, but the forests aren't suited for horses. Secondly as I said before the forests aren't suited for cavalry, infantry is far more effective, often cheaper too. Cavalry has two devisions. First you get the cavalry archers, they're used for hit-and-run, fast raidings of enemy towns. The other devision are heavy armoured cavalry. They got plate and mail armor. The wield often and cavalryaxe or a mace, sometimes a sword. Cavalry isn't commonly used in military campaigns, they used only a few times, all against foreign invaders.
Mages - 2000
Mages are in Canopy just as rare as in the rest of Zhagarath. Since the great forests firemagic isn't very populair, sure every mage can cast a fireball to light a campfire. But most mages are specialised in lightning, ice is also a populair second choice. The battlemages of Canopy often wear leather armour combined with robes to keep true to the traditional wear of magiccasters of Canopy. Mages can be used to be an offensive force, but the mages are mostly used to keep fast contact to eachother to coördinate military campaigns. Every general has a personal mage to keep telephatic contact with the other generals.
Militia's - 1.700.000
Militia's are just normal civilians armed by the goverment. Militia's are often used to defend cities, but can sometimes be used as reïnforcements. Because of the populair combatrelated sports militia's need little training, sure they far from well trained but most know perfectly how to handle a weapon. Milities can be recognised by the claret-colored uniform. This seperates them from guards hired by the guilds to guard their guildhouses. A leader of a group militia's is called a Birger. A Birger commands roughly a hundred militia's.
Total militairy - 1.955.000

Hero - Wayland
Wayland isn't a big strong leader that will lead you into battle. Sure he lead you, but as a tactical mastermind. Like I said he isn't a big strong barbarian, no he's a "dancer", a master swordfighter. He also prefers a bastardsword but is almost just as skilled with two shortswords.
Although Wayland has lead many succesfull military campaign, he refused to become head of the military. He said he didn't like politics, he prefered to stay just a general. Wayland has been decorated with the Defender of Canopy 5 times now. He was the first to become decorated with that medal more then 3 times.
Wayland's sword is called Gunnbrand. It's a bastardsword. It has two edges like old european swords. The sword is enchanted to enhance it's effectiveness. It will never go blunt, and will ignore armour.

Brangard 1.000.000
Bjartborg 1.000.000
Hemming 500.000
other towns 1.500.000
slaves 700.000

total: 4.700.000 people
Although the number of slaves changes at an almost daily base, the goverment tries to keep a record. You won't easily dump a slave. Slavetrade isn't officially alloud, but the goverment doesn't press charges against who does.

map will be added later.

-for some reason Revora refuses to let me use multiple spaces or tab-key. So some things don't look as good as a planned-


23 May 2006 - 02:46 PM

This is the worldevents-topic. Here all the mayor and minor events that I create take place. Minor events are things like an earthquake, goblins that terror your land. Mayor events on the other hand effect all players. These can be various things. An invasion of enemy forces, a portal to an other dimension. The mayor events will start when we have at least 5 players with a full profile.



20 May 2006 - 03:22 PM

Welcome to Zhagarath.

In the Old Ages there have been many wars. Only one war is widely know today. It was the last great war of the Old Ages. The lands of Garoth and Silva-Let are at war. It's the 78th year of the war. The war would take a mayor turn at the battle of Ceran. The mighty fortress would withstand the attacks and the Garoth would win, or the fortress would fall and the Silva-Let would be victorious. Both sides were desperate, and everyone know desperate people don't do the smartest things. In a last attempt to take the fortress the Silva-Let generals ordered the battlemages to use one of the ancient arcane spell that are only know to the highest of there order, even then, in the Old Ages the origin of the ancient spells was forgotten. Naren Haldor, the most talented of the battlemages took the task upon him and began preparations of the spell. When the sun reached his highest point he was ready, he and his fellow battlemages went to the nearby hilltop. Naren Haldor began to wishper the ancient, to him meaningless, words of power. What exactly happend is unknown today, there is no record of the battle itself left. However few historians have come up with a theory that is widely accepted. After it went wrong Naren Haldor somehow absorbed all the mana of his fellow battlemages boasting the spell to an enormous level. Instead of whiping just the Garoth out, it destroyed the whole valley. But it didn't just moved left and right, no the spell also went down... straight to the planet's core. The core, the origin of all magic. When the spell hit the core it gain a undiscribeble boast of mana, how much is unknown but it was enough to rip the planet to pieces. The debries floated in nothing, magic changed everything, logic didn't exist anymore. After the dust cleared a new world was born, Zhagarath...

The game
Zhagarath is a fantasy RP. It takes place in a world that highly relies on magic, although NPC's rarely have magic abilities from birth. Each player makes a nation and a hero. This nation will be his land, here his capital will be located. The hero is a leader, an adventurer. He is the player direct contact with the world of Zhagarath. He can use his hero to preform quests or he can use him to lead his armies in battle.
Beside the nations made by the players there will be a few NPC nations and regions. Goblins for example life in the mountains. They're NPC controlled, there purpose is to disrupt traderouts and attack unprotected villages and sometimes protected if their dumb enough.
Although players design their own landscapes we have a blanc map that shows all places of high magic-concentration and locations of shards. Shards a pieces of the planet core and very magical. Thisway players can't accuse us of taking sides if it's about who has shards and who doesn't.

You can have a lot of different resources on your land. The main resource of the game are gold and coins. Coins can be made of gold and silver, gold and silver a mined. Besides gold and silver you can mine copper, iron, adamentium and manastones. Manastones are magic captured in stones. You can crush then to powder, which give you magicpowder that can be used by non-natural mages, or used in weaponry. Then of course you got clay, wood, oil, exotic plants etc.
The most valuable resource in the world are elemental shards. These Shards are from the original core of the planet. They're very rare and have strong magic capabilities. Big shards can be used to make powerfull weaponry fitting for a hero of the Old Ages. Crushed to dust Shards can be used to enhance the weaponry of a group of soldiers, although the weapons will be less powerfull.

Minerals you don't need, or do need can be sold and bought at the market. Markets can be used to get those things you normally wouldn't get.

Short overview:
Gold/Coin: The primary Resource to trade with
Manastones: One of the primary resources on the planet, Manastones are mined from a Mana Vein, found deep in the ground. Manastones are highly magical, there needed by large Army's to maintain a large force of wizards. After you mined manastones, you crush them into powder.
Elemental Shards: Elemental shards are parts of the core of the planet and scattered over the world. Elemental Shards are very rare, we decide if you can find them. There used for magical weapons and very strong spell. A strong spell will destroy the shard however.

War is a great way to gain new land, technologies and resources. Of course God Moding isn't allowed, duh... Well you get 2 warnings, after that you lose the war. If you try to do this to many times you'll be "banned". When to players can't decide who wins they ask me or DF for an opinion. Our opinion is binding, though a complainment can be made at the other, so if someone disagree with my desision, he can go to DF, who will have a look at it and talk to me about it, then we make a new desision, or not.

early version of the map, NPC nations will be aaded later.
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