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#952976 [BFME2] T3A:Online Installation Support

Posted by Eol Ecthelion on 03 April 2014 - 09:50 PM


i have the same problem to install as Eol Ecthelion


Win 7 and i´m the admin but get the same message as on his picture


pls help


Does it also happen when you run via rightclick - run as admin?


Also possible that your antivirus blocks the installation, you maybe want to disable it.

I've seen this problem when some files in %TEMP% cause a problem, you could clean that as well, just in case.


Eol Ecthelion, thanks for the log. Im not quite sure why the renaming fails. try the same please.



i readed the log, it said something about system restore. so i enabled system restore.

didnt work

turned off antivirus

didn't work

i readed something about a missing file (lotrbfme2.lcf). i found it, it was invisible

i made it visible.