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27 July 2017 - 05:41 PM

Looks like ua are going to take up the taurox.

Hmmm... Then I'll just have to make my own Taurox, when I reach the Imperial Guard phase of my mod, that is.

Cylarne has his own ambitions, as I have my own; so it wouldn't be fair nor square to "borrow" stuff for my own project from his UA mod (gotta keep it professional :))

Anyway, as I'm starting to feel a bit better, I think I will prioritize my mod, though I have yet to finish the Orks :sad: . Once I get started with the DA stuff, I'll be that much closer to fulfilling my promise to my venerable Spiritual Liege: Chapter Master Thudo.

In Topic: How to gain access to private beta branch of subforum

19 July 2017 - 11:32 AM

But would UA team share their Taurox? I wonder...

If you have the base Ref.max ready, just point me to a link and I'll get to work, Mr Fuggles :)

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19 July 2017 - 11:22 AM


Guys, instead of inquiring new models, why don't we ask brother Ziani to help us with the existing ones that just need finishing, and keep us back from releasing projects? I mean something like:



These two Harleys buildings only need mapping/texturing and this is far less work!

Not to mention the Altar of Tzeentch, which is the last building of Thousand Sons we are missing...

Of course! But I still need to finish the Orks, & new DA first. That's because brother Thudo was the first person to make a request for updated DeathWing Terminators + DeathWing Knights + New Belial Model... not to mention they will be included for the first episode of my mod (Orks+DA)...


Old Razorback, twin plasma with single lascannon, first picture


Exodites are eldar on dinosaurs, Google exodite eldar for images. Wild eldar with lances on raptors

Also the taurox model, if you are able to animate it?


Vehicle animation? really? That would only take 5 minutes at most!

Ahh exodites. Unfortunately there are no official support (and never will) for them, but there are interesting unofficial conversions with four or five dinoriders.


In a more general scope I think the game lack a lot of riders: eldar riders on dinosaurs, astartes scout bikes, ork boar riders, rough riders of the imperial guard and thunderwolves cavalry. At least we have to be grateful to have the steel legion rider, the kroot tracker, the ork biker and the marine bikers. I suppose there are the most complicated things to animate, chiefly the four legged beings

Yes, my thunderwolf rider model is still unfinished mostly because I'm learning how to animate quadrupeds; really tricky, I assure you.

Exodite Dino Riders? Biped on biped, right? Should be fairly easy, I think.

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19 July 2017 - 08:02 AM

Whatever advice you need just ask. More often than not, it will have been asked or done before.


By now the orks are practically completed in terms of 3d but in terms of OE maybe I need some teaching to get something improved. 

It will be an honor to be of assistance, Mr Roderick. Please PM me on ModDB, or right here, on the subject. All I ask is that you be specific on what exactly you require, brother.

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19 July 2017 - 07:59 AM

I have always wanted an original Razorback and a dragon Knight in game. The former should not be tons of work, but would be cool. The latter would be a lot of work but would also be cool.

Razorback? You mean the Astartes transport?

Also, what do you mean by Dragon Knight? Is it a Salamander Astartes riding a Dragon, maybe? I'm not joking btw; just a little confused...