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#1062873 How to gain access to private beta branch of subforum

Posted by Ziani_FromSpess on 27 July 2017 - 05:41 PM

Looks like ua are going to take up the taurox.

Hmmm... Then I'll just have to make my own Taurox, when I reach the Imperial Guard phase of my mod, that is.

Cylarne has his own ambitions, as I have my own; so it wouldn't be fair nor square to "borrow" stuff for my own project from his UA mod (gotta keep it professional :))

Anyway, as I'm starting to feel a bit better, I think I will prioritize my mod, though I have yet to finish the Orks :sad: . Once I get started with the DA stuff, I'll be that much closer to fulfilling my promise to my venerable Spiritual Liege: Chapter Master Thudo.