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In Topic: Apocalypse 1.50 RELEASE

01 October 2009 - 10:57 PM

I dont know how VK has coded hes launcher, but the jpg library might work in the same directory as the launcher application itself...

In Topic: I'm raising a Toast to Xeno

25 June 2009 - 01:23 PM

Well, this is truly a sad thing, i just found out 10 minute ago on MSN...

I spoke to Richard quite a lot, up until about after Christmas time, when i never see him online anymore, even then i thought the worst...

Richard help me a lot in the ol'days of when i ran TS: Recoil, helped a lot with ideas and concepts, aswell as he made a good'ol Richard style cameo for me for the spotlight tower :lol:

He was also the first person to see my early C&C logo remakes that i spent a lot of time on, he helped me perfect the graident for the classic style logo, and aswell as getting the Westwood logo to the best of my skills, he also bugged me for some time to make that ShineOn Productions logo too, im happy i did that for him now. :)

Richard also told me about the time when he meet up with AG in London or so, and how mad AG is in real life! I was hoping to meet up with him and have a few drinks...

Richard was a great guy, was there when i needed a chat, he will be missed indeed.

A toast to you my friend, may you be at peace.


(BTW, on a side note, can i ask when was the last time anyone see anything from Richard?)