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20 March 2006 - 04:26 AM

just wondering, can that tool convert EA vp6 files to normal vp6 files?

unless there is a hidden function in the EaVP6 program, no.

Hehe, there is one of these too, yet even harder to find. There is a commandline program that u can use to convert the eaVP6 files to AVI files.

I was able to find this before, becaue it was made before, but it took a lot of searching. I ended up finding it on a Russian site, lol


thats what you need. here;s instructions, cause its pretty complicated, thank fully ive been working w/ commandprompt and commands recently, so i knew how to get it working, i ended up making a batch file that converted all the bfme1 videos at once

1. Open the RAR file

2. Make a new folder called "videos" (no quotations) at the root level of any drive, in this tutorial ill use the C:\ drive, so if you're using a differnet drive, just subsitute that letter for anytime we'd use C:\, this includes in the codes

3. extract "eaconv.exe" from the RAR file to the C:\videos folder

4. copy the video file that you want, ill use "EALogo.vp6" in this tutorial, to the C:\videos folder, so you'd just subsitute the name of your video for ealogo.vp6 any time it is (dont forget the .vp6 part)

5. Run command prompt by going to START, and then RUN and in the box type "cmd" (no quotations)

6. now type, with no quotations, and every new line you press enter, so like after cd C:\videos there is a line break, so you would press enter in Command Prompt. So enter into it:

cd\ C:\videos
eaconv EALogo.vp6

7. Now go to C:\videos and in it it should have eaconv.exe, EALogo.vp6, and EALogo.avi, if you have the vp6 codec from On2 installed, you can open up the .avi file in Windows Media Player.

8. Tada, you now have your AVI file!

Please comment w/ any questions or comments

In Topic: VP6 Codec

17 March 2006 - 12:01 AM

yes, if u need help w/ that, i know how to do that

In Topic: VP6 Codec

16 March 2006 - 11:39 PM

lol, i was wondering when u guys were going to ask.

well, if u guys spent as much time as me looking for it, u would have also found it at


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16 March 2006 - 10:26 PM

I've the virtual dub, but I can't open any video file.
So, could you tell us how did you get it, step by step, please?

ok, if u have the on2 vp6 codec installed, u go to
choose .avi file

then video
then choose the On2 vp60 codec

save as compressed avi or something

then ur done, and u grab that file
then w/ the codec i have, u can furthur convert it into a working EA vp6 file

-then convert that new file to the EAvp6 file w/ the converter
-it basically is a complex hex editor to edit the header of the vp6 file

care to elaborate that part ?

mmm... Does it mean we have to convert our videos to vp6 with an hex editor manually? Or is there any tool to do it...?

well, after u have the on2 vp6 file it is quite similar to the Eavp6 file type, just has a differnet header in the coding. The second codec that i am trying to find will edit the headers of the on2 vp6 files to be the ea vp6 files.
So it will be done w/ the second codec not manually

In Topic: VP6 Codec

16 March 2006 - 08:54 PM

I guess you get the award ched, lol. I dont think im returning to modding, but i will for this. Yes, i have gotten videos ingame, hopefully, if the hobbit mod continues w/out me, it will be of use, if i can find the codec, i can upload it. This is how it basically works

-You get ur video
- u download and install the VP6 VFV Codec and the Virtual Dub player
- u run virtual dub player and select the video that u want to convert
-convert it to vp60 simple profile
-then convert that new file to the EAvp6 file w/ the converter
-it basically is a complex hex editor to edit the header of the vp6 file

so yea, i can answer most questions, and if i find it, ill upload it