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#1057813 C&C Tiberian history: Hints & Tips #81

Posted by Madin on 09 May 2017 - 11:12 PM

Name: Mammoth Drop Pod
Cost: $5000
Side: GDI

ERA: Tiberian Twilight

Special power type: Reinforcement

Reinforcement amount: 2

Tier: 4




The Mammoth drop pod is a high level (tier IV, requires Space Command Uplink), and extremely destructive 2 part support power. The parts comprise an initial 'attack', followed by a spawned reinforcement.

In this regard I would liken it to the BFME Balrog(!). That famous support power is also a 2 part power that has a very destructive, army killing attack phase, after which the poor opponent has to deal with the spawned (base destroying) Balrog!

I will break down and discuss the 2 parts next.


The Crawler Drop Pod

The Mammoth Mk.IV's are large enough that only the Crawler drop pod can deliver them! Once you have placed the support power cursor and activated it, the massive drop pod will quickly come down at the target location.





Due to the massive size, anything, vehicle, aircraft, or infantry, will be destroyed! (crushed). While you cannot deploy over structures (or damage them), anything that is not the Hexapod, will be cleanly killed by the drop pod.





This is really powerful! easily the best army killer support power GDI has (the Hornet strike is too easy to avoid).

In a large high tier battle, you could easily destroy enemy units worth way more than the $5000 you are paying for the power, but after the destruction, your opponent then has to worry about the 2 Mammoths that are left!



And now a couple of Mk.IV's to deal with!


Let us move on to them next.


The Mammoth Mk.IV

The Mammoths that are spawned represent the fully upgraded Tiberian Twilight Mammoth tank, and so the closest comparison would be the C&C3 Rail upgraded Mammoth, and not the Tiberian Dawn Mammoth that is used in Tiberian History.

The Mk.IV has:

  1. Same improved range as the Tiberian History Mammoth.
  2. Double the Missile clip compared to the C&C3 Mammoth.
  3. Improved 'always active' self repair.
  4. Rail gun does splash damage!
  5. Better health and speed compared to C&C3 Mammoth.
  6. Target laser.

Some of these items do not need to be discussed (range).

The missiles (2) have the same long reload time that the C&C3 Mammoth tank has, it is not the lower clip, shorter reload time of the Tiberian Dawn Mammoth tank. Also they are the same missile type as the C&C3 Mammoth, not the 'improved against infantry' Tiberian Dawn Mammoth missiles.



The number of missiles are dangerous for aircraft to deal with!


The improved self repair (3), is basically the Harvester style repair, were it does not stop repairing when the vehicle is taking damage.

The Rail gun doing splash damage is a big deal! it greatly improves the Mk.IV vs infantry squads.



Improved Rail gun!


I will discuss the Target laser next.


Target laser




So finally we get to something really different.
This laser can only target ground units and structures, and has two different uses. Vs infantry it operates as a dazzle laser. The effect of the laser on infantry causes them to go prone, and greatly reduces the speed and range at which infantry attack. Finally it will also do a small amount of damage to infantry. This is more useful against infantry then you might think.



Useful vs Infantry!


Vs vehicles and structures, it works as a target laser that allows all of your units to do slightly more damage to the targeted unit (10% more). Unlike the dazzle laser, the effect of the target laser stacks up to 5 times (ie up to 50% more damage to a targeted unit).



If a target is painted by the laser, it will taker more damage!


Obviously the target laser is the difference, and vs the Scrin and Nod late game units, a few Mk IV will be very handy if used correctly.



While it would be preferred that you use the drop pod on enemy units (to increase the enemies loss, while making your usage more cost effective), the fact that this support power is also an unstoppable reinforcement power, means that there will be many occasions when the intelligence you gained, means that dropping a couple of Mk.IVs in an area where your opponent cannot quickly respond too, will be the best thing to do.

Of course GDI's 'Radar Scan' ability can play into this. For example if you were having a battle with your opponent and you used the drop pod power to drop a couple of Mk.IVs behind the enemy's line, with their forces engaged in a battle, they would have a decision to make, and the amount of damage the Mk.IVs can do, means that they cannot be ignored!





Naturally if your are being heavily attacked, the drop pods could easily save you from defeat, if used defensively.


Since this support power has a long reload time, make sure that you look after your Mk.Ivs. Back them up if they are taking too much damage, so they can self-repair, have a Rig ready to deploy, so it can heal the Mk.IVs, obviously if you are close to your base, then a Repair bay (or a few Repair bays!) is a great way to repair your Mk.IVs.



Back 'em up!


In battle terms, this is easily GDI's best support power. It has incredible flexibility, deploys extremely fast, and is unstoppable! there will probably have to be some balance tweaks further down the line, so enjoy this great support power while it is at its best!


Some Stats:
Speed: 45 (C&C3 Mammoth=40)
Hit points: 11,750 (C&C3 Mammoth=10,000)

Rail Gun
Weapon strength: 1200 (C&C3 Mammoth=Same)
Weapon Clip size: 2 (C&C3 Mammoth=Same)
Weapon range: 325 (C&C3 Mammoth=300)
Weapon Reload: 2.8 seconds (C&C3 Mammoth=Same)

Damage Radius: 25 (C&C3 Mammoth=None!)

Damage Type: 'CANON' (C&C3 Mammoth=Same)
Rail Gun Ratings
Primary use: Anti-Vehicle
Anti-Vehicle rating: Very Good+. Outstanding damage, very difficult to avoid.
Secondary use: Anti-Structure
Anti-Structure rating: Very Good+. Very good structure damage.

Teritary use: Anti-Infantry
Anti-Structure rating: Very Good+. Will kill most infantry squads instantly, but will struggle vs Tier 4 infantry that have high resistance to 'CANON' damage.

Missile pods
Weapon strength: 300 (C&C3 Mammoth=Same)
Weapon Clip size: 8 (C&C3 Mammoth=2, but fired by each missile pod)
Weapon range: 325 (C&C3 Mammoth=300)
Weapon Reload: 10 seconds (C&C3 Mammoth=Same)

Damage Type: 'ROCKET' (C&C3 Mammoth=Same)
Missile pods Ratings
Primary use: Anti-Air
Anti-Air rating: Average+. Good damage, but takes too long to reload.
Secondary use: Anti-Vehicle
Anti-Vehicle rating: Good+. Good damage, but takes too long to reload.
Tertiary use: Anti-Structure
Anti-Structure rating: Average+. Good damage, but takes too long to reload.

Target Laser
Weapon strength: 10
Weapon range: 325
Firing Duration: 0.1 seconds

Damage Radius: 10

Damage Type: 'SNIPER'

Notes: Anti-Ground only. Does 1% damage to non-infantry targets! Targeted unit takes 10% more damage (can stack up to 5 times)

More Notes: Reduces Infantry range by 50%. Reduces Infantry vision, shroud clearing, Rate-of-fire, and speed to 25%! (ie a quarter of what it normally is).
Target Laser Ratings
Primary use: Anti-Infantry
Anti-Infantry rating: Good. Good damage against Rifle type squads, but takes too long to kill Missile type infantry.



GDI's finest!



#1028456 Human model attempt

Posted by Madin on 09 April 2016 - 11:15 PM

Thanks for your words!


I followed a rigging tutorial. I was expecting better  results, although to be honest I think that perhaps my expectations were too high.


Rigging infantry is a lot simpler in C&C3.


Next I will try to do a very simple attack animation.



#1027777 4:3 UI issue

Posted by Madin on 28 March 2016 - 03:21 AM

I have released version 0.11 which adresses a few bugs and also adds the choice of downloading a 4:3 version.


Thanks for that!

#979854 Tiberian History: Release 6

Posted by Madin on 13 October 2014 - 06:36 AM

Tiberian History is a small mod that adds a small number of units from previous C&C games.
This release features a couple of extra artillery pieces from Tiberian dawn for you to enjoy has well has the Nod Banshee.


Lets have a brief look at some of Release 6 new additions:




The Renegade Harvester for GDI!





A merciless surface-to-surface missile launcher for Nod!





An area saturation artillery for GDI!





A remarkable multi role aircraft!





An anti-artillery base defence!











Give it a go! https://www.dropbox....toryVI.zip?dl=0

Leave feedback if you feel like it!

#972863 Nod Banshee

Posted by Madin on 07 August 2014 - 08:10 PM

The omen of death

The Banshee never made the impact that was expected during the 2nd Tiberium war.
Admittedly this is partly due to the extensive combined GDI & Forgotten attacks that focused on Nod's Banshee production facilities. But also, Nod's pilots never got the best out of the advanced 'alien' technology.


Well the dimensional rift has afforded Nod another opportunity, the Nod Banshee is back and this time Kane is determined to get the best out of this potentially fearsome piece of 'alien' technology.
The good news is that Nod's understanding of alien technology has greatly increased since the 2nd Tiberium war, thanks in no small part to the Scrin invasion.

Aircraft signature scan

The first example of this increased understanding is the fact that Nod are better able to utilise the remarkable target/threat scanning capabilities of the Banshee.
Nod scientist estimate that the Banshee is capable of identifying and prioritising 7 trillion different targets (at the same time) over a distance of 1 light year!



Naturally Nod tactical command are using a fraction of the full ability, however such is the intelligence gathering power of the Banshee, Kane himself has demanded that usage of the target scanner be restricted, if GDI somehow got their hands on this information it could be disastrous.
Using the target scanner will reveal all relevant aerial targets on the battlefield (through the fog of war) for a limited period of time.

Elite armour

While the nature of the present conflict means that the Banshees have been immediately deployed on the battlefield, steps are being takien with a view to providing an upgrade path for expected future discoveries.



One item that will be ready almost immediately is the armour that the elite guard of Kane had on their Banshees during the 2nd Tiberium war. This armour provides a nice boost in resistance against all damage types, and is available to all Banshee squadron commanders.



Transpulse plasma

Nod scientist working inside top secret temple facilities have made great progress in fully unlocking the secrets of the Banshee. Has expected the Banshee had several configurations (similar to earth aircraft) and these attack/defence and scout based configurations were adjusted has needed by the Scrin. In terms of the apparent Banshee 'successor' the Storm rider (yet another ridiculous GDI designation) the simple fact is that like earth based war weaponry, the Scrin like to constantly update and refresh their war machine. One hypothesis suggests that the reason for their apparent continuous change is that they do not want their army becoming too familiar with the weaponry in case of rebellion! Which frankly sounds far fetched, but would explain why they seem tactically ineffective despite their tremendous numerical and technological advantage.


One forsaken weapon that scientist have 'unlocked' is the Transpulse plasma. Apparently this weapon was used in a gunship type Banshee configuration. The Transpulse plasma can ricochet of larger targets which causes smaller burst of plasma to hit additional targets!


Difficult to capture in a still! The FX are not final!

How did the Scrin manage to get intelligent re-targeting of plasma, based on a fraction of the original burst? Nod scientist are still working on an explanation, although one theory suggest that the actual Banshee itself detects the ricochet burst and redirects it at a enemy target. Whatever the facts are, it works, and will soon be available for Nod Banshee pilots to use.

Future upgrades

While Nod scientist have been unable to recreate the Scrin force field technology, they have had limited success in accessing and enabling the locked force field on the Banshee.
Nod research on the Scrin force field suggest that its effectiveness in Scrin battles varies wildly and depends on a huge number of variables. In some arenas the Scrin force field is completely impervious, while in others it is so ineffective that they do not bother with it at all. Apparently the Scrin are surprised by the lack of effectiveness of their force field in solar system based battles.

Nod scientist believe that the ridged inflexibility of Scrin command, which includes their habitual 'locking' of Scrin vehicles and operators, prevents them from learning from battle experience and making the required adjustments. Again this is apparently done to prevent possible revolt, however Nod scientist have found that by allowing a pilot to gain extensive battle data with an unlocked Banshee, eventually a force field will be constructed which takes into account the various damage types experienced during battle! This force field has proved at least twice has effective in comparison to the Scrin capitol ships force fields!


"Now we ready!"

It goes without saying that this kind of 'growth' is the most interesting avenue when it comes to alien technology. Kane has demanded that full disclosure is maintained when it comes to future discoveries concerning Banshee abilities and additional configurations, we can only hope that that information makes its way to the battle field.

Listen to the wailing! look up and see the omen of impending GDI doom!



"Where's that GDI armour hiding!"

#960166 C&C Tiberian history: Hints & Tips #46

Posted by Madin on 09 June 2014 - 01:54 PM

Name: SAM Site
Side: Nod
COST: $800
ERA: Tiberian Sun
Base Asset: DonutArnold
& Black_Drakon




This SAM is a replacement for the Tiberian Dawn SAM ( http://forums.revora...ts-and-tips-17/ ) which has featured since release 2.


The weapon is basically the same, as is the weapon upgrade.



A useful damage boost for your SAM!


The health and weapon range is now standard for this type of base defence. Because this is no longer a pop-up style base defence, there are no considerations such as the SAM having extra health when retracted into the ground.


Some Stats:
Hit points: 7,000.  (Rocket Bunker=7000)
Weapon strength: 1125. 2000 with Blue mix upgrade (Rocket Bunker=125)
Weapon Clip size: 5 (Rocket Bunker=3)
Weapon range: 450 (Rocket Bunker=Same)
Weapon splash damage radius: 10. 20 with Blue mix upgrade (Rocket Bunker=10)



Clear the skies!


#950704 C&C Tiberian history: Hints & Tips #38

Posted by Madin on 06 March 2014 - 10:05 PM

Name: Disruptor
Side: GDI
COST: $2000
Tier: 3
ERA: Tiberian Sun
Base Asset: Tiberian Aftermath

An incredible anti-structure heavy tank with some noticeable flaws.
The Disruptor is GDI's main tier 3 vehicle-based building destroyer. It has a lot of health, 7,500 (same as the Tripod), which means that only the Mammoth tank has more health in terms of ground vehicles. It also has heavy armour, which means that weapons that do 'CANNON' damage are best used if you want to destroy it.
The Disruptor's weapon does 'GRENADE' damage, which means that it is best used against structures and infantry.
Let's go through the positives of the Disruptor in list form:

  • Lots of health.
  • Weapon does heavy, constant damage to structures.
  • Massive anti-infantry damage with wide splash, means it can quickly decimate squads.
  • Weapon damages along the entire length of the beam. This means you can damage multiple targets at once!
  • Weapon greatly reduces the speed of any vehicles that it catches.
  • Does constant damage to light vehicles, quickly destroying them.
  • Can target through obstacles (e.g. structures). This means that you can use an obstacle as cover to avoid damage while you deal damage!

Let's expand on that list. (3) The Disruptor really does not have to worry about most infantry squads.

This is not to say that you should not build infantry to attack a Disruptor. Rocket class squads for example, can be made in such numbers that a Disruptor user will have to decide whether they want to kill the rocket squads or destroy whatever their main objective was (e.g. a key structure).



Infantry are dealt with easily!


(4) This is really important and is what makes the difference from a good Disruptor user, and a great Disruptor user. When it is possible you should try and target objects (mostly structures because they cannot move!) in such a way that you damage as many of the enemies units and structures at once, as is possible. Of course you must strike a balance while doing this to make sure that you are not going for too much.
It should be noted that you only get experience for enemies and structures destroyed at the end point of your beam, not rest of it!

(5) The Disruptor weapon will slow enemy vehicles down to 25% of their speed! This can be useful at preventing enemy vehicles from escaping. For example a Disruptor can target an enemy harvester, and because the beam has slowed the harvester down, your other units that are targeting the harvester can easily finish the job without the harvester getting away. It also means that faster lightly armoured vehicles that should easily be able to outmanoeuvre your Disruptor, are dead if the beam catches and slows them down (6).
(7) This is another vital factoid that makes the difference between you mastering how to get the best from your Disruptor. At the simplest level, it means you being able to take a key structure out regardless of whatever obstacles might be in the way.


This Nod turret is unable to respond because its firing path is blocked!

At a more advanced level, it might involve you using your Disruptors to clear garrisoned buildings while using other structures to block the path of the garrisoned units weapon.
It could mean you using an enemies structure as cover while you destroy their static base defence that requires line-of-sight to attack (Nod Turret & Scrin Photon cannon). Or just simply using enemy structures as cover while you destroy key buildings in their base, the longer your Disruptors survive, the more destruction they can dish out.
At the beginning flaws were mentioned, it is time to list them:

  • The vehicle is very slow (slow has a Mammoth tank).
  • The turret turns very slowly.
  • If a friendly unit or structure is caught in the beam it will take damage, just like an enemy would!
  • If a friendly vehicle is caught at the end point of the beam, they will get slowed down just like an enemy vehicle!

Lets us expand on some of these.
(1,2) In terms of the speed, if you're are used to handling the Mammoth tank this should not really be a problem. It is in the GDI 'slow-but-heavily armoured' tradition. As for the turret turn speed, if you come up against a fast vehicle that is being well microed, it would be possible for it to completely avoid damage by circling your Disruptor.
(3) This is by far the biggest deal. Your disruptor does exactly the same damage to friendly units and structures as it does to enemies!

Now suddenly the great benefit of having damage taken from the length of the beam, is a real problem when it comes to using the Disruptor in mixed groups. I say mixed groups, because the Disruptor's beam weapon has no effect on other Disruptor's, friend or foe (including no ability to slow another Disruptor down).
This really comes to the fore when lightly armoured vehicles, such as the Humvee or the HMRLS, are in the vicinity of Disruptors. Friendly fire from the Disruptor will quickly kill these light vehicles.
It basically means that you really have to think about what you mix your Disruptors with. If you have very good micro, you could manoeuvre light vehicles out of the way during enemy engagements. In the end the simplest thing to do is to use the Disruptors in their own group, slightly away from your main attack force. Or put them in a mixed group with Mammoth tanks (Mammoths have little to worry about from the beam and they can recover lost health using their self-repair).


Steam roll of doom! The Mammoths still have their rockets to deal with any aerial threat


It is up to you, but I recommend not using Disruptor's inside your base for defensive purposes. They will quickly wipe out your own structures in an effort to get at enemy vehicles.

Of course if you correctly use stances you can avoid a lot of these issues.
Use 'Hold-fire' stance for example in the above situation, or when Disruptor's are being healed by a Battle-base that is engaging enemy units (of course using a formation move along with the 'Hold-Ground' stance can avoid some problems as well).
Generally speaking since I prefer having my Disruptor's on 'Aggressive-Stance' when at an enemy base (they do so much damage to structures I prefer that they are always targeting something, if I want a key structure destroyed I will manually target it) I either use them in their own group or with Mammoths.



In terms of usage, it is all about offence. I prefer splitting the Disruptors apart from the main force. Attack one target with your main force (e.g. enemy harvesters) and have your Disruptors in 'Aggressive-Stance' attacking general structures, focusing on key structures when necessary (eg tech center). This forces your opponent to make a choice, split forces and try and deal with both groups, or deal with the Disruptors (after all you win by destroying all structures, regardless of vehicle remaining).
If your opponent chases after your Disruptors then don't forget to micro them in between structures (using the structures for cover) has discussed earlier. This is similar to the Nod tactic of having a main force attacking while a small group of flame tanks attack structures on an opponents flank or blind side.
The health and attack power of the Disruptor is such, that you can even have a group of 5 (or more) set on 'Aggressive-Stance' and set them on a move command through the length of an enemies base, while you occupy them with a diversion attack. You will be surprised how difficult it is to stop those Disruptors, especially if they do not have their full force to command (of course this is only if you have more credits then you know what to do with!).

Crystal crush upgrade

This global upgrade greatly increases the damage done to targets that have some kind of association to tiberium (eg harvesters and refineries). Damage to these targets increases 4 fold!
Still it is clear that this is not an essential upgrade. The Disruptor is still very good without the upgrade, and if you had not already guessed, it will also affect any of your units or structures that have a tiberium association as well!
If you do use the upgrade, if you can sneak a Disruptor along the edge of a map and then into an opponents expansion field outpost, you will destroy their refineries extremely quickly with just one Disruptor (you can also destroy the harvesters but not as quickly).



No mistaking the Crystal crush beam!


Another consideration is how dependent your opposition side is on tiberium.
For example if your opponent is Nod and they upgrade to 'Blue tiberium mix', any vehicle or structure that benefits from that upgrade will now take much more damage from your 'Crystal-crush' upgraded Disruptor!
Also the Scrin Corrupter and any unit or structure that has the shard upgrade will take additional damage if you upgrade your Disruptors. So as you can see it is a 'tactical' upgrade, but there's lots for you to consider as it can be very useful.
Countering the Disruptor
For GDI obviously Orcas are the way to go. Not so obvious, but if it is a fairly large group (3 or more) then consider using an Orca bomber. It will do large damage to an entire group. If you cannot use air vehicles, than the Mammoth is the preferred tank (especially Sonic grenade upgraded). As long as you maintain micro control so you keep out of the Disruptor's weapon range, HMRLS groups will deal with them as well. At the lowest tier, build enough medium tanks to match the cost equivalent of Disruptors that you are facing. You will win with minimal loses.
For Nod from the air Banshees are the preferred unit to deal with Disruptors (one Banshee has enough ammo to kill a Disruptor that is at full health!).
Nod Artillery's large splash damage can wear the slow and cumbersome Disruptor's health down.

If it is a lone Disruptor, a Stealth tank can take it out without getting hit (try to get the first volley into the rear and then manoeuvre away from the turning turret and finish the vehicle off). At the lowest tier level you will have to again try and match the cost of Disruptors that you are facing with light tanks (you can buy 5 light tanks for every 2 Disruptors). Try to make sure that you are spread out so that a single Disruptor is not damaging multiple light tanks.
For the Scrin a few Storm riders or more expensively a PAC will do the trick without fuss. The Tripod will quickly deal with them, especially if it has tiberium ammo (provided that the Disruptor is not upgraded). If you're going to use the Devourer, then use the superior range to keep away from the Disruptor beam, you would not win one-on-one in an outright fight due the amount of health the Disruptor has. You do not want to have to rely on Seeker tanks as the Disruptor has no trouble defeating them. If you match the cost of the Disruptors you're facing you should win. And the win will be easier if it is possible to split your Seeker swarm and attack from two sides.
In all cases if they reach your base, then in addition to other measures, start building multiple barrack class structures (well outside of the range of the Disruptor's of course!) and pumping out tier 1 anti-vehicle squads. They cannot be ignored by the Disruptors, and they will buy you time by providing a distraction, as well as doing damage.

It is time to disrupt the enemy!




Release 6:

  • Fixed Crystal crush beam damage VS vehicles that are associated with tiberium. I did not account for the fact that the Disruptor already did double damage to vehicles, so when I calculated the damage for the upgraded beam I ended up only having it do half the intended damage to tiberium associated vehicles.
  • Crystal crush beam no longer does extra damage to the Scrin Tripod or Devourer. Now that the damage has been fixed, it would pretty much mean that the Scrin had no options in terms of ground based attacks against an upgraded Disruptor, unless this change was made. If the Conversion reserve upgrade is purchased however, then the above vehicles will take extra damage.
  • The Disruptor can now clear garrisons along the entire length of the beam!
  • New Heroic weapon: Auto cannon. This heroic weapon adds an auto cannon that is primarily anti-infantry, although the only interesting news for a Disruptor user is that fact the auto cannon can target aerial units, thereby removing one of the Disruptor's major vulnerabilities.


Release 8:

  • Crystal crush upgrade now cost $2000, and takes 60s to research (was $3000, and 90s). More reasonable for an upgrade that only effected a single unit.
  • Removed the heroic Disrupter's gun. It caused endless issues and was not even that good!

#930516 Red-Resurrection Live Stream

Posted by Madin on 09 September 2013 - 01:02 AM

I watched some of it, it was quite interesting!



#901693 Tiberian History: Release 5

Posted by Madin on 10 October 2012 - 11:40 AM

Tiberian History is a small mod that adds a small number of units from previous C&C games.

Release 5, has come about due to a source of additional already textured content coming to my attention.
It remedies the most glaring omission (for me)... that GDI did not have any 'historical' base defences (they used the C&C3 defences, while Nod had the Turret and SAM site from Tiberian Dawn).

This release features mostly structures, a lot of those structures being base defences, for you to enjoy.

Lets have a brief look at Release 5 new additions:


GDI Harvester

What will you do without the gun



You can swap the component defences at any time!



You can swap the component defences at any time!



You can swap the component defences at any time!


TS Orca

used for an Orca strike power


Elite Cadre

New reinforcement power!


Stealth Tank


Nod Warfactory


Stealth Generator

Replaces Disruptor


Nod Silo


laser Tower


The replacement SAM



You can upgrade the attack power

Give it a go! http://www.moddb.com...iberian-history

Leave feedback if you feel like it!

#857203 People Like This Are What's Wrong With America

Posted by Madin on 20 August 2011 - 11:07 AM

The Income Tax removal is stupid but the US taxation should be looked at better so that there isn't massive haemorrhage of funds by
companies that exploit loopholes.

How is income tax removal stupid?

Abolish the Fed, no more income tax.
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