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09 June 2019 - 10:13 AM


Sorry for my delay in getting to this.     We did not save ZH stats.    It looks like you used this name one in RA3, which is why it is reserved.    I've given the name back to you so you can use it but your ZH stats will not be restored.     You may have the stats recorded on a computer you used to play under gamespy but we cannot restore those at the moment.    I suggest you back up this folder as we may be able to restore stats at a later time.      We will probably need a replay from a game played under gamespy too.

[drive]\My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\GeneralsOnline

Thank you! It worked. And the delay wasn't a problem, didn't immediatly need that account name. Was more worried that you didn't respond because I did something wrong haha. There is nothing to backup from the PC I played online with as that one is long-gone, because it was a veeeeeeery underperforming PC haha.

In Topic: Nickname: mrtnptrs

18 May 2019 - 05:00 PM

Nickname: mrtnptrs


For CNC Generals ZH

Someone is on vacation? :p I used that nickname a huge while ago when I still used the CD-disks I think. But when I try to login with that username or make profile with it on Revora, it says the profile already exists.... Could someone help me with it please? :)


Edit: https://cnc-online.n...iles/460028807/ According to this the name is indeed already taken. But as the username is PLACEHOLDER I think this is indeed just a placeholder username under which old Gamespy usernames are stored by you guys.Right?