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3.3.5 when?

21 April 2020 - 05:31 AM

sorry if that bait you guys in with an urge to spank my ass. :p

Of course not that "3.3.5" I asked about it is the 3.3.4 minermite/etc hotfix I wanna ask.
it's the only thing keeping me from not playing multi regularly. truth is time to time I getting into MO multi just for the hell of it, something about this mod is just appealing to me. but whenever minermites slap me in the face then Im done with MO for at least a couple of week.

so back to the topic, could you please quickly balance value on 3.3.4 file and release it as 3.3.5?
I think I mentioned this before that you could restructure the expandmo mixes seperating the assets and the rule files so you could push little balance patch easier. if Im not wrong it will be less than 10MB per balance patch after the restructuring. tho it need a big update for the restructuring the mixes but I'm sure it is worth it and no one will complain if they can get update quicker. and all this can be done in an hour I assume OmegaBolt also do this in RR on his expandmd99.mix.

So that, Could you please kindly consider it and thank you guys all for continuously update this lovely mod for years. :)

What comes after 3.3.5?

30 August 2019 - 02:51 AM

Will the story be continued on this limited engine or do you guys have plan to do the sequel on another engine or completely different genre and focus on Foehn alone, I think heard that from somewhere. Will the mod get considered to be a finished game when the 3.3.5 comes out?

If not we will have to wait a few years for the ACT 3 right? I wouldn't mind you guys take a long good rest right at that milestone you guys deserved it.
But will we get hotfixes, balancing update continuously between that gap?  I heard that hotfixes is impossible due to technical issues or something like that, hope you guys got a workaround on that before the release of 3.3.5 because I hope never to encounter the 3.0 BR2 situation ever again. the lack of hotfixes balancing really killed the community back then.