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In Topic: Building blocks

25 October 2007 - 08:39 PM

Can't say I didn't see that one comin'... But I suppose it's for the best, even if this postpones a possible releasedate (2007?->2008?) even more. Are there any other features from the RP2.0 you're going to use? Is it possible to implement muzzle flashes? Just say you're going to leave the units as they are, plz plz plz :thumbsupsmiley:

EDIT: I'm no expert at modding, so I don't know whether muzzle flashes are possible in RA2/YR, with or without the RP2.0, just seems cool to have...

BTW. I have asked again for the unit limit to be upped with the feature request form at http://bugs.renegade...ll_bug_page.php

In Topic: Building blocks

02 October 2007 - 09:02 PM

Great work once again. It must be hard living up to your own standards... And still not being satisfied! These look great, the amount of detail is just amazing. Even the hammer and sickle are present so no need for any flags imo. Can we have a building montage too, like with the units, just to know how far you are?

In Topic: Small & cool

10 September 2007 - 06:47 PM

Always fun to check in after the weekend and a hard day's work and see new units... Every step is one closer. Love 'em.

OFF-TOPIC: no replies yet: you should all be ashamed!!

PS. Mig, don't you update the ground unit montage no more?

In Topic: Ground unit montage

01 September 2007 - 06:02 AM

Will you also make a version of the Sd.Kfz 9 in the pre- and early-war colours (grey)? Cause that still needs to be done, otherwise it would stick out (it's the only unit in the three shades camo). Basically it's just a remap, so a master like you has that done in, what, like a half hour? :wacko:

In Topic: Beginning of the end for the US

27 November 2006 - 06:50 PM


v3.4 will be finish with out Italy & released as a beta for the staff & a few select people to test (don't ask me to test the beta, I'll ask you), if it's deemed ready it will be released to the public. I'll then start on v3.5, which will add Italy & also fix any problems that come up in the beta testing.

waits patiently for that day... (D-day²)

PS. but indeed, let Mig decide plz, it IS his TC you know...