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more fractions and generals

26 August 2005 - 06:35 PM

in another mod(blitzkrieg2) i notices that the allies have subfractions, witch enables new units depending on the chosen fraction, anyway heres my idea: since theres 3 fractions, and 3 genereals for each, making a total of 12 choose able, then theres the boss general and militia, well couldn't you just add a button to the 3 main fractions that lets you gain all of 1 generals stuff, eg: GLA can choose toxin, demo, or stealth, but once chosen you cant choose another, that would let project raptor have 14 fractions, and 42 generals, and instead of having tech buttons for them(making that to many) just add buttons for each different general.
wouldn't it be cool?

:edit: they could also be level 1 general powers because you start out with 1 level 1 general power