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[Evil Factions] Alternate Sauron Animations/Possible Abilities

05 November 2017 - 03:32 PM

Hello Age of the Ring Team! Amazing work on your mod so far. It is easily one of my favorites to play. The recent Lothlorien update is spectacular! If you are ok, I have a little suggestion I came up with to make one of the coolest villains look even better: Sauron.


If I am correct, I was watching a RuudDevil video showcasing your mod and he said that Aragorn's animations were changed with the Return of the King animations he had in that game. If that is true, I was wondering if you would be willing to change the animations of Sauron as well. The reason being is that when he walks, he looks like he is waddling around like a penguin. 


If this is even possible, the game I saw that had the coolest Sauron animations was Lord of the Rings Conquest. His walking animation was so smooth and looked very intimating. His attacks and special abilities were also absolutely amazing to watch.   


I would love to see the animations Sauron had from that game in your great mod, if that can even be accomplished. If you can, maybe changing some of his abilities to some of the Conquest ones would be cool too, just because the affects look absolutely stunning. For instance, Sauron's hero killing ability in AotR could use the Soul Suck ability he gets in Conquest, maybe even having the spirit of the hero fly back. Maybe Sauron could have an explosion attack like he does in Conquest where he slams his mace in the ground and an explosion occurs. 


Thanks so much for your great work!