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In Topic: Misty Mountains Faction Plan

11 October 2017 - 10:16 AM

You're coming off a little rapey now. 

I dont afraid of. All for "Age of Ring is number one" :). Love you , Mathijs

In Topic: Misty Mountains Faction Plan

11 October 2017 - 02:21 AM

I understand you, but the answer is the same. We're not adding the 'Troll Brute' because we don't like it. It could be the main character and appear in literally every scene of every Hobbit movie and we still wouldn't add it. ;) We don't like it.

your smile is so dangerous. But i think you can tell "no " but you still can make it. Ok, i will wait and give you a plan for it. ok???

In Topic: Age of the Ring: 3D Art Showcase

09 October 2017 - 01:44 PM


Hammer of dain's king is different with hobbit flim. My lover

In the books "The Hobbit Chronicles" with the Weta designs there where several designs of weapons for Dain, this axe was one of them



In Topic: Misty Mountains Faction Plan

09 October 2017 - 12:59 PM

- The animation is fine and won't be changed.

- We will not add those things.

- When it's ready.

- Ok. We don't use either of those models.

Dear Mathijs, let see Age of Ring like a professtional version or next version of The battle for middle earth 2 the rise of the witch king of EA Game, not mod.

We need finish it about all character, faction, animation and balance of all faction.

- I know you are leader and you can make all thing what you want, ok, but i only want to build Age is Ring is best.

i can wrong but you can see Wyrn of Misty Moutain again plz.

It move like robot, and open fire so bad ( fire not from their mouth).

- Ok, no Orge but i think to have Troll Brute is good. Because Troll Brute have in all combat scene of The hobbit : five armies.

- Ok, Dain of Age of Ring is best model. Dont need use either of those models.

You understand me???

In Topic: Misty Mountains Faction Plan

08 October 2017 - 04:27 AM

Dear Mathijs and Rider of Rohan.

Dragon of Misty Moutain with animation so bad. Can fix at next update??

I suggest add Troll Brute and Orge.

When we have new update, my love???

I feed model of Dain ( Edain mod) is better than Dain ( Botta mod).