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some connections issues.

29 November 2019 - 11:23 PM


windscribe makes the game unplayble for him, 




Photonics Yesterday at 11:29 PM
So i called my ISP
And nothing has changed in their history, no DSL or IP change, no port closed ...
They can't fix anything
And honestly i have high doubts that it's coming from my router, seeing that so many players (with different routers) have or had the conn bug, and also because the it only happens with C&C online games

and i have suggested trying different vpn's but he refuses. 

i have also noticed that in the C&C online discord. 2 others have had Connection issues to other players aswell. 

who has had Connections in the past. but nothing on their end has changed. 

Any one who has any suggestions? 

i am Clue less right now. 

i have told toxic that i need help With this one, but he is bussy at this time, so ill have to wait on that. but i might aswell ask here right.