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[RedAlert3]Special lag

20 February 2016 - 03:48 AM

Hi guys. I have some special lag. After every mouse click units react about 0.5-1 sec later. With any player, any room, any map. With usual "slide-show" lag and without. Opponents dont feel it. Offline game - no lag. This happens every 2-3 weeks and keeps few days. Then lag go but can come sometimes in some single game. In some games lag can be less, sometimes even playeble but usually - no. I tried to change settings, close/open programs, optimize internet and comp work. Strange thing - i usually play with open Chrome and Skype but when i close it - lag becomes harder. Also if i play vs player who streaming. Why it can happens and how to fix it?

Windows 7, licensed version of the game. SpeedTest Ping - 2ms, download/upload speed 10+ mbps.

Sorry for my bad english.




PS: thanks for great job and keep CnC alive!

i know how its hard to make automatch but i just want know is it possible or not?