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death ocl

15 March 2006 - 08:34 PM

hi, after my question about drogoth, I have another^^

It is possible, that the death OCL is only used, if there is an upgrade. for example,
if a unit on level 1 dies it spawn nothing, but if the same unit have the upgrade Upgrade_ObjectLevel2 for example, and it dies, it spawns a ocl

I would be very thankful if you know sth.

slow death for drogoth

13 March 2006 - 02:42 PM


I made Slow Death for my drogoth, so he falls down. All works, apart from the anims. I've made three anims, but I don't know how to define,
that the game plays all three anims.
first the first one time,
then the second in a loop, until drogoth hits the ground,
and the 3rd should be played, when he hits the ground.

		  AnimationState = DYING
				AnimationName = WUDrogoth_SKL.WUDrogoth_DIEA
				  AnimationMode = ONCE
				 ;AnimationBlendTime = 10
			   ;AnimationSpeedFactorRange = 0.5 0.5
		  AnimationState = DYING
				AnimationName = WUDrogoth_SKL.WUDrogoth_DIEB
				  AnimationMode = LOOP
				 ;AnimationBlendTime = 10
			   ;AnimationSpeedFactorRange = 0.5 0.5

		AnimationState = RUBBLE 
				AnimationName = WUDrogoth_SKL.WUDrogoth_DIEC
				AnimationMode = ONCE
				AnimationBlendTime = 4

what must I change?

another problem/question XD

07 January 2006 - 07:34 PM


I want mmy emperor to dominate the heroes from the enemy. Is It possible? If yes, how?

strange lightsaber

06 January 2006 - 09:58 AM


I have a very strange problem. I try to make obi-wan. If I rotate him like this:
Attached File  obirichtig.jpg   77.01KB   42 downloads

It#s good,
But if I rotate him to the other side, the lightsaber is behind him, but it should be infront of him
Attached File  obifalsch.jpg   68.94KB   32 downloads

I trye many different things, but nothing works. I have this settings:

Texture settings:

vertex material tabambient: 0 0 0
diffuse: 0 0 0
specular: 0 0 0
emissive: 0 0 255
shader tab:blend mode: add
Textures tab:only the texture^^
Export settings:export transform
export geometry

Maybe you can hrlp me :(


01 January 2006 - 06:13 PM

hi, I made the emperor from star wars

And now he's Ingame^^
I want to give him gandalfs eizard blast.
Alle work, but he didn't play the anim. He play the idle anim :(
I made it two times new.

here is the code

the anims
     ;;; FORCE PUSH;;;
        AnimationState        =  SPECIAL_WEAPON_TWO
            StateName = Attacking
                AnimationName       = EUSidious_SKL.EUSidious_PSH1
                AnimationMode       = ONCE
            StateName = Attacking
                AnimationName        = GEUSidious_SKL.EUSidious_PSH2
                AnimationMode       = ONCE

the special power
   Behavior = WeaponFireSpecialAbilityUpdate ModuleTag_WizardBlastWeaponFireUpdate
        SpecialPowerTemplate    = SpecialAbilityWizardBlast
        WhichSpecialWeapon        = 2
        SkipContinue            = Yes

        UnpackTime              = 900
        PreparationTime         = 1   
        PersistentPrepTime      = 1500 
        PackTime                = 1100 

        AwardXPForTriggering    = 0        
        StartAbilityRange        = 80.0
        MustFinishAbility        = Yes
        SpecialWeapon            = EmperorForcePush