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Dol Guldur Faction Plan [WIP]

22 April 2018 - 08:17 PM

Dol Guldur Faction Plan


Basic gameplay premise:

Most Dol Guldur units suffer from a basic, constant damage over time effect due to the Necromancer’s magic draining them and their surroundings. To counter this, each Dol Guldur structure has a leadership – ‘Dark Presence’ – that heals and buffs Dol Guldur units. This results in a need to constantly and aggressively expand across the map, turning forward base-building into a core mechanic. To aid with this, builders are cheaper and more disposable. Another core mechanic is the use of various sources of necromancy to create Risen Dead – the only unit immune to the Necromancer’s draining magic – and to turn your enemies into Wraiths under your control. Spread the corruption. 




Thráin the Broken – 300

'The once proud son of Thrór was captured near the Eaves of Mirkwood while on his quest to reclaim the riches of Erebor,

taken to the dungeons of Dol Guldur, and tortured for long decades until he finally broke.'

Rank 1: Diminished

Thrain is but a thin shadow of his former self, and is able to skulk about unnoticed.

[design note: Thráin is a useful tool for finding places to build Dol Guldur's forward bases]


Krimpûl the Torturer – 1400

'An orc of exceptional cruelty, Krimpûl rose ruthlessly through the ranks of Dol Guldur's Orc-garrison,

until his Lieutenant finally took notice and put him to work in a place where his talents could come to full fruition.'

Rank 1: Orcish Chief

Summons a battalion of Orcish Hunters and Goalers. At rank 3, includes an additional battalion of Orc Ravagers.

Rank 1: Master's Command

Krimpûl has been tasked with retrieving the Rings of Power. Deals +33% additional damage versus Gandalf the White, Elrond, Galadriel, and Thorin Oakenshield.

At rank 3, his strikes also lower the armor of enemies within a small radius by 5% up to a maximum of 25%.

Rank 5: Dungeon Master

Summons a small Gaol that casts Dark Presence and may recruit Broken Rabble.

Rank 8: Imprison

Krimpûl cripples an enemy hero. Causes surrounding enemy units to cower in fear.


Queen Saenathra – 2000

'Shelob's greatest daughter, Saenathra tried to supplant the great matron within her lair, but failed and was cast out.

Now she dwells in Southern Mirkwood, where she rules over her own vile brood.'

Rank 1: Burrow

Queen Saenathra can quickly move underground.

Rank 3: Feast, My Children!
Spawns a large horde of tiny spiders that slow down and deal damage over time to enemy units. Cannot be targeted, last a short time.

Rank 5: Web of Lies

Targeted enemy units become hostile to one another.

Rank 8: Endless Hunger

Like Ungoliant, Saenathra possesses an insatiable hunger for flesh and precious objects. Saenathra can now trample, and steals resources when dealing damage to enemy units and structures. 

When activated, Saenathra regains 30% health.


Khamul, Lieutenant of Dol Guldur – 2500

'Once a great king of the Eastern Wastes, Khamul was ensnared by Sauron through one of his Great Rings. For many long centuries

Khamul has served, performing acts of great terror and cruelty with solemn dedication to his Master.'

Same as in Mordor, but Storm of the East becomes:

Rank 5: The Black Easterling

Summons two hordes of rank 2 Easterling Swordsmen.


The Necromancer – 3500

Becomes Ring Hero once the Ring is collected and given to him.

'After Sauron's defeat at the hands of Isildur, he fled into the far east, to lick his wounds and slowly rebuild his strength. A millenium later, his power had become great enough to once

again cast a shadow across Middle-earth. He began to dwell in southern Greenwood the Great, taking the long-abandoned Sindar fortress atop the hill of Amon Lanc. In time, the hill and

fortress came to be known as Dol Guldur, and the surrounding forests, once free and green, were slowly changed into the dark and treacherous Mirkwood.'

Starts at rank 5

Rank 1: Lord of Wolves

Summons a large, black Warg. A maximum of three may be out at any time.

Rank 3: The Abhorred Dread

The Necromancer casts a necromantic spell on enemies within the radius, dealing heavy damage and resurrecting the dead as Risen Dead under the player’s control. This spell has a relatively short cooldown and is the Necromancer’s main source of danger.

Rank 5: Shapeless Malice

The Necromancer becomes incorporeal, allowing him to move quickly across the map while terrifying nearby enemy units. Shapeless Malice does not allow him to attack (this is basically a mount).

Rank 8: Wreathed in Flame

The Necromancer erupts in flame, blasting back enemies and setting the surrounding area on fire.


The Necromancer - Ring Hero

Visual cue: the Necromancer is wearing parts of Sauron's Prologue armor.

The Necromancer deals strong splash damage as his basic attack, and can attack from great range.

Rank 1: Master of the Nine
Summons a Ringwraith. A maximum of three may be out at any time.

Rank 3: The Abhorred Dread
Same as before, but with a larger radius.

Rank 5: Shapeless Malice

Same as before, but deals damage to nearby enemies.

Rank 8: Wreathed in Flame
Same as before, but with a shorter cooldown.


Ringwraith - summoned by the Necromancer

Rank 1: 

Gwanthaur - summoned from the Spellbook

Rank 1: Soul Trap

Enemy units within the radius take damage. If a unit dies, the Gwanthaur receives +5% armor and damage for a limited time.

Visual cue: swirling mists engulf the area of effect.

Rank 1: Sacrifice

The Gwanthaur can target a friendly unit to devour them and regain some health.

Rank 1: Dark Reclamation

Targeted structure is destroyed. Twisted trees appear in its place.




Fortress – 4000


Swarm of Bats – 300


Pale Torches – 600

Fire arrows from fortress

Dark Encroachment - 800

When activated, reduces all structure costs by 33% for a limited time.

[design note: this upgrade makes it much easier to fulfill Dol Guldur's ability to expand across the map]

Blight – 800

Enemy units surrounding the fortress take damage and turn into Wraiths upon dying. Prerequisite to Hill of Sorcery.

Guldur Palantir - 600

Can be cast to reveal part of the map. Enemy units caught in the radius take minor damage over time.

Hill of Sorcery – 1500

Castable, destructive spell that sunders the earth beneath the enemy and causes it to erupt in pale flame.


Orc Barricade – 150

Arrow tower.

Boneyard – 300

Spawns Risen Dead that attack nearby enemies.

Orc Catapult – 600

Catapult expansion.


Visual cue: tall, crumbling spires held together by thick, thorny vines and bolted metal rods and strips. Several 'doors' on all sides at differing heights, with treacherous staircases leading up to them and around the fortress.


Slave Mill – 300

Basic resource structure. May use Refresh Slaves, which temporarily disables the Mill but spawns a horde of Broken Rabble.


Visual cue: an edited version of RotWK's Angmar Mill structure.


Lumbermill – 350

Vanilla, with new worker models based on Broken Rabble.


Guldur Gaol - 350

Rank 1: Dark Presence

Empowers nearby Dol Guldur units. Counters their damage-over-time affliction and slightly buffs their stats.

Rank 1: Broken Rabble - 100

'The Necromancer's servants hunted and ensnared countless wanderers in and around the borders of southern Mirkwood. Tortured and broken, they were sent out with Dol Guldur's legions, to make war on their former friends and family.'

Horde consisting of tortured and enslaved Elves, Woodsmen, and Dwarves. At rank 3, Broken Rabble gains Eternal Servitude, which causes each killed unit to be reanimated as Risen Dead. Risen Dead do not suffer from the Necromancer’s corruption and are able to climb walls.

Rank 2: Orc Hunters - 300

'When evil stirs, orcs are gathered to it like moths to a flame. It did not take long for them to answer the call of their master and swarm towards southern Mirkwood.'

Orcish archers that may stealth near trees. Rigged to Mordor Orc Archer.

Rank 2: Orc Gaolers - 250

'Dol Guldur's jailors are not granted fates much improved from those they capture. In the end, all must bend and crawl before the Necromancer's dark might.'

Orc spearmen that may stealth near trees. Rigged to Mordor Orc Pikeman.

Rank 3: Orc Ravagers - 600

'The Necromancer took a special interest in the largest and toughest of his minions, cursing them with fell magic and turning them into senseless, unstoppable husks tailored strictly to his will.'

Heavily armored, zombified Orcs carrying blacksteel axes. Siege units that are largely immune to ranged damage. 

Rank 3: Flaming Arrows - 1500



Visual cue: an asymmetrical ruin heavily fortified and changed by orcish hands. There is a row of evil-looking prison cells to one side, with hanging cages and corpses/skulls throughout. 


Spider Lair – 600

Rank 1: Dark Presence

Empowers nearby Dol Guldur units. Counters their damage-over-time affliction and slightly buffs their stats.

Rank 1: Great Spiders - 600

A small horde of Great Spiders. At rank 2, gain Venom Sacs, allowing them to deal poison damage. May trample enemy units. Deal decent siege damage.

Rank 2: Spider-riders - 800

You know what these are. Toggle at rank 2.


Visual cue: heavily overgrown ruins strung together by cobwebs. Egg-sacks, moss, tiny spiders spawning and crawling everywhere (will require a low-poly, tiny spider model). This structure should give arachnophobes the creeps.


Ruinous Tower – 150

Basic defense structure. Weak and cheap, spammable. Stealthed near trees.

Rank 1: Dark Presence

Empowers nearby Dol Guldur units. Counters their damage-over-time affliction and slightly buffs their stats.


Visual cue: a ruined tower held together by thick, thorny vines wrapping up and around it like coiling snakes.


Tower of Sorcery – 600

Upgradeable structure that can be used both offensively and defensively.

Rank 1: Dark Presence

Empowers nearby Dol Guldur units. Counters their damage-over-time affliction and slightly buffs their stats.

Rank 1: Blight

Small radius around the Tower is constantly blighted.

Rank 1: Necromancy – 800

Upgrade. Orc Hunters and Gaolers may be ‘upgraded’ to be turned into Risen Dead. Risen Dead are fast-moving shock troops. Risen Dead do not suffer from the Necromancer’s Corruption and can climb walls.

Also spawns Risen Dead to defend Dol Guldur structures. 

Rank 1: Harbinger of Shadow

Recruits a battalion of Harbingers of Shadow. They wear ruined mail and tattered cloth, with a conical, mail-lined helmet covering a withered, dead face. Slow-moving, slow-attacking. 3 in a battalion, limited to 3 battalions. 

Rank 1: Deep Rot

Can be cast on a structure to deal damage over time. At rank 3, spawns several uncontrollable wraiths around the targeted structure. These Wraiths last a short time but can turn enemy units into Wraiths. 

Rank 2: Cold Steel

The Harbingers' attacks passively decrease armor and movement speed. 

Level 3: Withering Touch

Units within the radius take damage over time. Affects both enemies and allies. Risen Dead are immune. 

Rank 2: Greater Blight - 1200

Blight radius is greatly increased.

Rank 3: Armored Castellan - 1800

Recruits an Armored Castellan. Hero unit. Limited to three.

Rank 1: Castellan of Guldur

Provides armor to nearby structures.

Decreases armor of nearby enemy structures.

Rank 3: Incorporeal

The Armored Castellan becomes immune to damage but cannot move or attack.

Rank 5: Necromantic Blast

Enemy units are blasted back and take damage – if killed, they become wraiths.


Visual cue: likely the most intact structure in the faction. A dark tower not dissimilar to but much less refined than Barad-dûr. Surrounded by evil statues and laden with corpse-cages hanging from ledges. As it ranks up, has bat swarms around its zenith.




Carnage – 5pp

Friendly units within the radius gain +100% damage at the cost of -50% armor.

[design cue: this power synergizes well with Broken Rabble's rank 3 ability 'Eternal Servitude', allowing the player to temporarily boost the Broken Rabble horde at the likely cost of losing them, but obtaining Risen Dead in return]

Festering Marsh – 5pp

Summons a festering marshland. All units caught in the area lose leadership and are slowed.

Chill of the Grave – 5pp

Enemy units are slowed.


Festering Sickness – 10pp

Targeted trees are twisted and corrupted. Provides vision range and spawns a large number of wild spiders that attack anything in sight.

Spell of Concealment – 10pp

Vanilla Elven Mist, also affects structures

Ensnare – 10pp

Temporarily take control of enemy units within the radius. When Ensnare runs out, ensnared enemies take damage.

Summon Black Wargs – 10pp

Summons three hordes of Black Wargs lead by their Great Alpha.


Darkness – 15pp


Undead Monstrosity – 15pp

Summons an armored, undead Troll. 

Wither – 15pp

Disables and damages structures in a radius.


Gift of the Necromancer – 25pp

Summons a controllable, swirling green mist. All units, friend and foe, take damage and are turned into Wraiths upon death. 

Summon Gwanthaur* – 25pp

Summons the Gwanthaur.


 *A corrupted, ancient spirit of the forest. Broken, bony antlers on a horrifying head, long-reaching limbs and a bent back upon which grow many mushrooms and strange trees. The Gwanthaur preys on lost travelers, claiming their souls for sustenance.

RotWK: Game says I need to install update...

25 March 2018 - 01:33 PM

...but I have already installed 2.01 and then 2.02. What to do?


This issue is usually fixed by applying one of the following solutions:


  • Make sure you've got the original, unedited game. We have downloads here. Forshire's editions often cause this issue.
  • Make sure you have installed 2.01 BEFORE you installed 2.02. 
  • Make sure you are either starting RotWK through the T3A:Online launcher OR have it hooked (from the Hook menu in the launcher) when you start your RotWK shortcut.
  • Make sure you are running everything related to the game and T3A:Online as administrator. That includes the launcher, the game shortcut, and the game's .exe files in the installation folder.
  • In your Options.ini, make sure the following line is present: HasGotOnline = yes


If the above solutions don't work for you, please reinstall the game and follow these instructions closely.