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BfME2 and RotWK both crash to desktop after clicking 'online' button in menu, h...

09 February 2018 - 01:05 AM


I'm having serious issues getting both Battle for Middle Earth 2 and Rise of the Witch King working online.  I'm able to install the games and patch them easily enough, and I can play a single player game without problem, but the game crashes right after I try to do anything in the 'Online' screen, where you put in your login info.  At this point, I'm able to put in my login information, but when I click login, the game closes the login info box, then crashes.  It does the same thing if I try to go back to the main menu.

Can someone give me a hand here?  I've tried everything I can think of...

I've done the options.ini fix, I've tried reinstalling multiple times thinking I might have done something in the wrong order, I've gotten the startup fixer program and it too failed..

I'm running Windows 10, using Alcohol 120%, capable of running in Dx9 through Dx12 in fullscreen on most games.

Thanks in advance!