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#1037703 Some players are busy, mean and unreliable

Posted by TacoMies on 02 September 2016 - 02:38 PM

My godness, why you just dont download some maps, where you have water in the middle that wont dissapear before 10 minutes left. Then you have your 10 minutes to put up 100325342523525 Bunkers and sit there waiting for the enemy to attack. Problem solved.
Serious i always wonder why poeple claim that it is fun when you cut half of the content out of game. Absolute ridiculus. Just cause some people are too alzheimer to scatter their untis when a aurora approaches that doesnt mean that all other have to adapt to this bunker festival games with no everything rules. Just download some map where half of the content is cut out and you have water in the middle for 10 minutes and get happy, instead of desire that 90 % of Zero Hour player should be banned from the servers. 
Maximum Fun for player like
No Nukesilo
No Scud Storm
No Partical canon 
No Nuke-Mig
No Demo upgrade
No Aurora
No Alpha Aurora
No Demo Ambush
No Demobikes
No upgrades for Nuke General
No Neutron upgrade
2 Bus max
3 Humve max loaded


This is just what I mean about the community being toxic. If you dont like to play with rules dont. It really is just that simple. I want to be perfectly clear. Every time we start a game we wait for the players to read the rules and CONFIRM VERBALLY that they have understood and accepted them. And if they decide to cheat even after that I think that we have a good reason to be pissed. And we dont just throw every player to our list just if they annoy us... Do you really think that this kind of behaviour is acceptable. Even if it is not punishable. 
Ps. You should learn to be more polite.
Yours truly - TacoMies