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Red Alert 3 Not installed Problem

25 February 2018 - 01:37 PM

Hey, Im sending this on behalf of my friend who is also a member of the forum, we tried to play Redalert3 today and mine worked fine, im using the ultimate all games Origin digital edition and he is using a standalone origin digital edition.


So the problem is, his has been doing strange things.

First it would load, but he got reg issues when trying to enter game spy login details (yes we have both regestered on here), we tried the reg fix using regedit and manually entering his key but the game now says it is not installed on c and c online launcher (we have tried unhooking, restarting pc etc).


Its all very strange and frustrating. We are currently re downloading the game via origin, does anyone have any ideas on a helpful fix? ive seen a few people being Pmd fixes? not sure if they still work, or if they have already been patched into the C&C online main download.









Also, all ports open, admin rights selected, his game is in upmost parent directory, Have read and applied basically any fix found online.

Both windows 10 machines