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#346141 If you are new...read this!

Posted by Stealthsnake on 20 August 2006 - 12:58 AM

yes very true fin, you can tell a noob from a newbie imediately by the way they talk, a newbie is asking for help, a noob asks the work to be done for them.

Everyone starts from the bottem, i myself began moddign bfme1 before i came here, i learned mostly my self, then found t3a, where i found the more wise who posted tips and tricks, and more advanced tutorials where i gained even more knoledge.
But there is always new stuff to be learnt even the wisest here im sure can still learn new tricks :p

Anyway, lets try to keep the forums clean of the noob infection before it spreads and we turn into a full on war :mellow: