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Basic Setup

26 June 2018 - 04:21 PM

I'm not very good with technology. I am pretty sure I've followed all the setup instructions, but can only play BFME desktop version. I can't get online, and I can't play BFME2 or Rise of the Witch King. How do I get online so I can play against real people? The computer is too easy!


The desktop shortcut 'T3A Online' does not allow me to launch any of the 3 games. The pop up says 'unable to launch' when I click on all three of them.


I can get to the online login window through the 'Battle for Middle Earth' and 'BFME desktop mode' shortcuts; but when I try to log on, a window pops up saying "login timed out".


A final plea: On the website, there are games listed at the top of the screen. How does one join these games???


I just wanna play online. Help me batman, gotham city needs you!