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In Topic: CNC:Online: has there been a data breach?

05 November 2023 - 02:26 AM

There are two ways to contact them. One is using the C&C Support forums, which narrow_consist_drowse did (as you can see in some posts above). The other is the Discord server ( https://discord.gg/7Yp3HXg ). In Discord, Cervantes has responded in gen_chat, although his response does not clarify the situation at all:



23/10/2023 14:55
Shouln't the news of multiple people using an email that isolated to just cnconline/revora be an indicator of something wrong? I didn't receive the signup on any of my other emails. It's exactly why I create a seperate email for every single website I sign up for. To make sure if I receive crap I'm not expecting on that one, assume all data with respective party is breached.
Cerv | SoftRam CEO

23/10/2023 15:56
this is correct if this would be indeed be isolated while adresses specifically made for our service have been affected the same thing has been reported from our services that adresses specifially for that thing have been affected as well
thats why the main concern atm is potentially a shared 3rd party program being breached but that is not the case as i can tell at this moment

In Topic: CNC:Online: has there been a data breach?

30 October 2023 - 08:57 PM

I do not respond in the name of C&C: Online, since I am officially no part of it. But as far as we have investigated this matter here in Revora, some people did get this email, and other users of C&C: Online didn't. I did not receive such an email, neither did ToxicShock. And, regarding some of the people who received, they had their email accounts leaked by other websites, according to "have I been pwned" services. If you have a real proof that the culprit is really C&C: Online, then you should show their staff (not me) so they can try to figure it out. So far, nobody has found any problems. If they become aware of it, it is in their best interest to find out and solve the problem. C&C: Online does not sell your private data to any third party.


Also, I have seen email accounts/forwarders being found out by spammers regardless of the website that you use these accounts. Sometimes, your own email service may sell that information or leak them. It is also possible that it can be leaked if any of your machines get pwned.

In Topic: Delete Account

22 February 2023 - 05:12 AM

This comunity is no business, handled by volunteers, and it uses a forum software made before LGPT went live. So, what you can do is to request your account to be deleted in this forum. Do you want it to be deleted?

In Topic: I would like to delete my account :D

15 January 2023 - 08:05 PM

Sorry, but we do not delete third-party accounts here. We are deleting the ones where we are sure that the account owner is requesting its deletion. So, use these accounts to post here, asking for their deletion. Otherwise, we will not delete it.