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It's me yet again - this is important

05 February 2008 - 05:09 AM

Greetings, everyone

It hasn't been two years yet, but the present circumstances are far from normal. There's little sanity left in the world.

This is a GENERAL WARNING to all who would listen that the world is at the brink of all-out nuclear war. Both sides have switched from the infamous mutually assured destruction doctrine to an infinitely more insane FIRST STRIKE position. This is not to be taken lightly. There is an acute danger of a US confrontation with Russia on several fronts, the most immediate being the independence of Kosovo and the spread of separatism in the Balkans and perhaps beyond. There is also the danger of the Israelis pre-empting this development, and of course the spectre of the war with Iran.

Some of you remember me as the 'cryptic sentence' guy (AFAIK), right? Well, you might notice that I'm more clear cut in this post. The developments of the last few years have proven to be much, much more dangerous than I could have anticipated. You might think that this is a hysteric position - I make no objections, though notice that we have a hysteric media telling us about hysteric president-puppets who rave and rant about more and wider wars, so what do you expect? I recommend you educate yourself about the current geopolitical situation, as well as about the collapse of the US dollar - as soon as possible. Two good links for this are the following (note: it is likely that there will be confusing viewpoints - I leave the specifics to your judgement, but I do stress that a systemic convulsion of unprecedented magnitude is taking place):

Centre for Research on Globalisation (in particular an article from 2007 by General Ivashov warning about the impending danger of nuclear war)

The Intelligence Daily

It is of course legitimate to question as to why our (controlled, corporate) media are not yelling about this, but I think if you view the media coverage of the wars of aggression of the many imperialist and other countries in retrospect, you should notice that it is necessary to question the legitimacy of all the information you receive through the media.

Why am I warning people? I hope you will make some preparations. Basic stockpiled supplies such as water and food are absolutely necessary anyway, but it is equally and perhaps more important that you become aware of the danger that the third world war is now menacingly in view. All doubt as to whether the stakes are really this high were removed when Bush recently talked about a 'nuclear holocaust' and world war three itself. This comes into view when we see high-ranking Russian officials comparing the current situation to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

This really is no joke - it could hardly be more serious. A systemic collapse of not only the banking system but also of the global thermonuclear equilibrium is underway, and it is essential that people understand the significance of this - the world is in a breakdown crisis, there is little doubt about this even in some of the most conservative minds.

If this is simply amusing to you, I make no attempt to convince you of anything else. It takes some integrity and maturity to really understand and put into your personal view that we do not live in times where peace is guaranteed.

That's it from me. I suppose I should say 'let's hope it'll all turn out alright', but I won't - I'm afraid there is more reason for reasoned pessimism than is indicated in this post.