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Lenin's birth day

21 April 2006 - 09:19 PM

Today is 22 of April - the greatest Soviet Holiday - The Birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov aka Lenin. Today it is his 136th Birthday, it was on this day in 1870 that he was born - one of the most important people in worlds history!

Be proud, Our free Motherland
The Bastion of Peoples Friendship
Lenins Party - the Strength of the People
Us to the victory of communism leads
(Taken from the hymn of the Soviet Union )

Simple, but misunderstood, who believed in love with hate, and in hate with love. The last Titan, a foreign element, removed and angry. Monstrously inhuman in his severe kindness, deadly right in his sentimental cruelty, firm and righteous in his brilliant mistakes, cynical idealist, wise fanatic, obstinate wanderer, sharp-sighted blind man. Blessed by the skies to assault the skies themselves, which despised death and exceeded life, forever forgotten God in order to become his instrument. Suffered a crushing defeat - and gained unprecedented victory. Left us in order to never return - and forever remained with us.

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