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Game crash on Amon Hen Evil, gimli related

06 September 2018 - 02:48 AM

Getting a crash while trying to play evil campaign, cant load amon hen mission due to gimli's ability Last Stand. It occured to me its because I have immersive middle earth mod installed as i write this but im not sure how to fix it.


here is my gimli map.ini for amon hen\


; Gimli
Object RohanGimli
ReplaceModule ModuleTag_DelayedDeathBody
Body = DelayedDeathBody ModuleTag_DelayedDeathBody2 ;DelayedDeath is a variation of RespawnBody
        CheerRadius                 = EMOTION_CHEER_RADIUS
        MaxHealth                = 2000        ; BALANCE
        DelayedDeathTime            = 15000                        ; Amount of time spent still fighting after being killed
        DelayedDeathPrerequisiteUpgrade        = Upgrade_GimliLastStand    ; Need this upgrade to be able to delay my death.
        InvulnerableFX                           = FX_GimliLastStand
        PermanentlyKilledByFilter        = NONE        ;Who kills me permanently?
          DodgePercent                  = HERO_DODGE_PERCENT                
I attatched a screenshot of the crash error message as well. any help appreciated!
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