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CABALONLINE.com will be TIBNAS.com

17 April 2006 - 12:16 PM

Here is a quote from HERE:

Please update your favourites and website links to point to http://TibNas.com as http://CabalOnline.com will soon be no longer my property.

On Saturday 22nd April I will be disabling http://cabalonline.com as the primary hosted URL. As of now http://tibnas.com is re-directed to point to cabalonline.com.
This is just a notice, changes to links will apply FROM the above date.

For those with direct links to either cabalonline.com or cabalonline.com/nascence, I would advise you to change those links as of now. If you link to nascence.moddb.com, you are not affected.

All forum links, such as THIS will not work with the tibnas.com (For example, http://www.tibnas.co...sts.asp?TID=29) URL at this moment in time, but will come into effect as of the above date.

Soon, I will also be the owner of cabalonline.EU. This will be a re-direct to the CABAL-ONLINE subsite.

But Why?? are you asking...
I have been offered a very generous amount to purchase the domain to which I have chosen to accept.
Not only is this for my own personal benefit, but also it will allow me to buy upgraded hardware to build Tiberium Nascence at a much more efficient rate & quality.

Thank You.

Please pass this onto everybody you know!