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12 March 2004 - 10:05 PM

ok guys


Uploaded beta 1 of the commandset editor still waiting for a reponce from some 1 on the loader creator.

in the works
- the loader creator (still need the info)
- Armor.ini editor
- player template editor

drop me a email @ halo@webmail if u guys an editor for a certain ini or for error reports and stuff

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11 March 2004 - 11:47 PM

i have manged to do some prety mucked up things with my generals, so i need some info asap :)

there are 2 files in the root of my generals dir namely
these 2 files are the same for zerohour

now they should be set to read only. Now what i need some 1 to do is to right click on them,go to properties and remove the read only.

back the files up
edit the files in paint say add a big cross in the middle of them.

then run generals and see if the images are changed when generals is run, which they should do well atleast that is what happens with mine but 4 some reason my launcher.bmp isnt show but my install_final.bmp is shown.

if this is so, then i can just rename those 2 files, create new ones and all should be happy. if this is not the case then i dunno i will have to do some rethinking of how to get this done.

also plz tell me if the those files are set to read only as standard...

i have just run blitz2 and i see that it shows the splash and then the generals 1 wich atm is how my program works but let me know is those 2 files are correct i could make it so that the generals splashes are not shown at all.

anyways any info asap would help a geat deal in me finishing this prog off.

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11 March 2004 - 08:58 PM

*.gif, *.jpg and *.bmp.
the image is not resiezed in any way, so what ever size u make your image it will displayed as that size. So no matter what format you select it should be fine and no matter to heightxwidth.

if any of u want to start making images i suggest square courners images and not ones with rounded courners becuase the image is loaded onto a form and the background of the form is not transparent so you will still have square courners even if you made your image with rounded 1's.