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January 22nd 2019

22 January 2019 - 06:10 PM


Ayo! I know its been a couple of days, I came down with a little something and I ended up being sick for a few days! Nevertheless I have some new info for you guys!


[when I refer to "we" I'm talking about me and a very helpful fellow called Tomsons26]


When looking at the .ast file in a hex editor, I was able to find a few interesting things

For one, things have changed a lot from the old .ast. (from what people told me zlib would not do the trick)

We were able to come up with 3 flags (Flags specify some format information, there's a flag for having filenames)

Then we had the InfoOffset (The offset where the file chuck is located)

InfoSize which is pretty self explanatory, (the size of that chunk)

But after that we couldn't determine what follows.

So at that point we just assumed that it had some sort of checksum on it (this being a EA checksum, so most likely having some sort of algorithm on it)


Using this info; we were able to confirm there being a second file in the .ast file stream. So now we have to figure out where the file starts. The header tells you how many files are in the container, then the info chunk offset and size tells you how far to skip from the header till you reach actual data.


Looking at the location of this chunk, you can see that it is toward the end of the file info. I'll assume that this means that there isn't that much data in the file. Which is when everything starts to come full circle, unfortunately. So this may mean that the info we found IS the only info contained in the .ast. So we may have to keep looking. BUT this also doesn't mean that EA doesn't have some sort of encryption on the file. So maaaayyybee just maaaayyybeee....


But hey! This just means that the .apt offset may just be a bit more prevalent.


Again, big thanks to Tomsons26 for helping me out with this info! I would probably still be trying to get another file to come out of the .ast, but at least we know that there are for sure ONLY 2 files. 


January 14th 2019

14 January 2019 - 05:51 PM


So, we're at somewhat of a crossroads. Not sure what I should be looking for when it comes to the .const alternative. One one hand, we can keep searching for it, or on the other hand we can try something new.


So when using the program to OffZip to unpack .ast files, I get greeted with a prompt that says 82% extracted. Well I don't want 82% extracted, I want 100% So when changing the block size in OffZip, I was able to get that up to 85%. With that, I got an extra file. This file contained the following.


Apt X 0.



So I don't really know what to do here, on one hand, I could try to find another program that can extract these files. The creator of OffZip, said that if it can't hit at least 95% then there is a problem with reading the files, such as OffZip not being able to read them yet.


So if anyone knows another program other than offzip that extracts .ast files, that would be a huge help, and another step closer to achieve this!

January 12th 2019

12 January 2019 - 05:53 PM


So as I'm finishing up re-learning cpp, I still realized that I had to find the file that was responsible for the const data. While looking through some of the files, I noticed that some other .apt files had the same line in the beginning aptdata 1.7.8 . Then while going thew some more, noticed that some of them did a a constant string. Even though I didn't find the offset, this leads me to believe that the offset may or may not be located in... wait for it... ANOTHER .APT FILE. So that's great new /s . But that still might not be the case. So once again, step one in this all is finding what has the offset value. 


Thanks for reading todays daily news! CYA Sunday!

Welcome to the development of CeEmDe!

11 January 2019 - 01:29 AM

Hello everybody! My name is GavinCMD, but call me whatever you want to! Today I bring to you a new project, and if I'm in the wrong community just lmk. So I am a part of the CFBM19 mod for madden 19. This mod is going to bring back NCAA football to video games! I've also been working on a side project which will change the GUI for the scoreboard. I'm going for a ESPN style box scoreboard. Now I know this seems a bit off topic but hear me through! Madden 19 was programmed on Frostbite 3, and I use a tool called Frosty Editor to mod. The development on this editor has been halted for a while because of some unfortunate events that happened to the developers. Anyway, when going into the legacy viewer you in the tool you are greeted with a bunch of .ast files. These files can be unpacked using a program called OffZip. Once unpacked you are greeted with tons of different files types. Most common being .dds (Intel texture works) and .apt. the culprit being .APT. I did tons of researching, and for the better of the 3 weeks that I've been working on this side project, I was convinced that the .apt files where Almost Plain Text files. But not too long ago I found these forums, along with the OpenSAGE community. 


This was a huge breakthrough as I could not figure out what these .apt files where and how to decrypt them. This was the only community I found that knew what in the world I was talking about. In the OpenSage discord, when I started discussing this with them, they where just straight out confused on why EA would still be using such an ancient file format. But anyway, I was able to confirm with them, and a people on this forum page that they did indeed have everything to do with GUI elements.


Great right? All I have to do is throw the .apt file in the program that they told me to (apt2xml / xml2apt) and then everything would be fine and dandy!




Turns out the only way these programs read the .apt files was by using the aptdataentryoffset value that was given in the .const file. But from all the .ast files that I have unpacked, I have yet to see any .const file extensions, which leads me to believe that EA hides it somewhere else. 


So that's where I am at the moment. So I've decided to take matters in my own hands and make a simple program that has the same purpose of apt2xml , but just with more modern games, like Madden and Fifa!


So I'm here looking for anyone who can aid my process in the project. Proper credit will be given to anyone who helps the progress significantly!




Anyway thanks for taking the time for reading this, and I hope I can find some people who can help!


tl;dr Developing a program that takes .apt files from modern day games and turns them into .xml files without needing a .const file (but still needing some sort of equivalent.)

Use this thread to discuss .apt file extensions!

11 January 2019 - 01:15 AM

This thread will be used to discuss everything we know so far about .apt files, as well as any new information that might be useful in the development of CeEmDe!