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Feranian Slavemarket

23 May 2006 - 05:46 PM

Feranian Slavemarket

Feranian slaves, you'll find no better or cheaper workers anywhere!

Current available slaves: 1 200 000
Current prise per slave: 13 000 GC

There are no orders, this is more like an auction, you make an offer and if no one makes a better offer within 24 (real) hours the slaves are yours.
The slaves are transported to the border by a slave convoy, from there they're yours, so you better be there!

example offer:
I want to buy 2 000 slaves for 13 000GC per slave for a total of 26 GCM.

NOTE: you can't offer less than the current prise.


23 May 2006 - 05:27 PM


Ferania has three races, two major races and one minor. The two major races are Higher and Lower Feranians. The Higher Feranians are smart people, but most of the time corrupt landlords. They own most of the land, the companies, the Slaves and sometimes even a few Lower Feranians. Besides corrupt landlords there are a few scientists and nearly everyone in the government are Higher Feranians. The Lower Feranians mostly do physical hard work that requires a bit of thinking; like farming and industrial work, they also control the Slaves. Most of the Slaves work in the mines, as lumberjack and some simple things in the industry. Some Lower Feranians have bought themselves into the government, at least they think they did, officially they are allowed to make decisions, but most of them are just puppets of Higher Feranians, mostly those who do not have enough power to get in the government.

The government exists of the Head of Government, ministers and spokesmen. Below I’ll give a short description about the tasks they perform.

Head of Government: The Head of Government is elected separately, just like a minister’s position and is chosen to lead the government. He doesn’t have much power himself. He has to introduce issues and lead discussions. Every minister has to listen to him, but doesn’t have to follow his advice. The Head of Government also has an overview of all of Ferania’s resources, like the army, weapons, money etc.

Ministers: Ministers are chosen out of candidates from important Higher Feranian families, most families have only one candidate every generation, but some families have two or more candidates. Officially ministers make all the decision, but the most work is done by their assistants. Ministers can use every resource necessary to solve problems or improve the situation of their department, but they have to stay within their department’s budget. They also have to explain their actions to the Head of Government or the whole government if they need an explanation.

Spokesmen: Spokesmen represent groups of the society; they can represent everything and everyone as long as they are approved by the current Head of Government. Spokesmen do not usually have a budget, but they can attend meetings and give their opinion. They sometimes belong to a minister or his/her department, but they usually represent groups the ministers do not; like individual guilds and corporations. Spokesmen can join and leave the government at any time, but if they wish to join their application has to be approved by the Head of Government. This sometimes leads to an unfair situation, but it isn’t going to change any time soon. The spokesmen are also the only group that has some Lower Feranian members.

Assistants: Assistants are not part of the government, but they do perform governmental tasks. Assistants mostly assist ministers but some spokesmen also have assistants and the Head of Government of course also has assistants, 8 to exactly. Some ministers only have 1 or 2 assistants and do all the work themselves, but other ministers have more assistants and make the assistants do the job for them, officially they have to approve every decision, but some assistants ‘forget’ that. Assistants are Lower and Higher Feranians and their tasks can be very different, sometimes they do nearly the same job as the minister, sometimes they are messengers or personal servants, but personal guards are also called assistants. As long as someone is employed by the minister and they assist the minister they are called assistants. Most assistant do their jobs, but some assistants see the job as a way to influence the minister; those people can be unapproved spokesmen or they try to achieve goals that cannot be achieve through other ways. Some assistants try to take over their minister’s job, but that of course never happens, those assistants disappear mysteriously.

List of (important) government people:
name			  sex		  race				 function
Tarin Feroon	   F		   Higher			   Head of Government
Lcor Lorma		 M		   Higher			   foreign affairs minister
Tárec Ghul		 M		   Higher			   minister of war
Listra Feroon	  F		   Higher			   Trading Guild spokeswoman
Pec Oarti		  M		   Higher			   minister of Guilds
Ga-Ras Talton	  M		   Higher			   minister of industry
Irmos Muurun	   M		   Higher			   minister of mining
Leyis Gontru	   F		   Higher			   minister of infrastructure
Varoltas Pormil	M		   Higher			   minister of finances
Lodar Paugoman	 M		   Higher			   spokesman of Lord Iulas
Irlia Cevistar	 F		   Higher			   minister of culture
Taaslin Kastrar	F		   Higher			   spokeswomen of the Kastrar family (company)
Ferthin Ulit	   M		   Higher			   spokesman of Turnin Goldmining (company)
Milaka Huraanen	F		   Higher			   spokeswoman of Huraanen Slavetrade (company)
Onuan Tirsel	   M		   Lower				spokesman of Lower Iron mining (company)
Urtian Ghir		M		   Lower				spokesman of Fightclub Guild
Aeyr			   M		   Higher			   spokesman of Higher Wizards
Urtim			  M		   Lower				spokesman of Mages Order
Theyra Hurlasr	 F		   Lower				spokeswoman of the Tavern keepers
Artolan Tur		M		   Lower				spokesman of the Traders Union

There might be some more ministers and spokesmen (if they’re needed), but these are the most important/powerful ones. The most of them have 1 or 2 assistants some have more and Listra Feroon is currently the only spokeswoman with a budget. There are some rumors that say it’s because her sister is the head of government, they’re probably true.

Aeyr (Armon’s son) and Urtim both have magical abilities, they represent each their own race. Mages don’t mind the racial differences much, but there’s still some trouble now and then. The government doesn’t want them in one group, maybe because they’ll be very powerful, maybe because they do make a problem of the races. Lower Feranian mages are usually smarter than other Lower Feranians and some even smarter than Higher Feranians. The two leaders are friends and the groups work closely together, the only thing that keeps them separated are a few members and the government.

Theyra Hurlasr is extremely rich, even richer than the most Higher Feranians, she actually bought her place in the government. Onuan Tirsel is rich too, for a Lower Feranian. He thanks his place in the government to the Guild he represents. The Fightclub Guild is often asked for new recruits and fighters for parties. That way he became friends with Higher Feranians, at least that’s what he thinks. His role in the government is the same as his role as Guild manager: he has to take care of the recruits and the parties of the Higher Feranians, but now he’s got a title and access to the government building.

Artolan Tur is a close friend of Gygo Teric, the leader of the Traders Union. The Traders Union is a Lower Feranian variant of the Trading Guild, which is exclusively Higher Feranian. Besides the race difference the members of the Traders Union do the actual trading themselves and the members of the Trading Guild own traders, goods and trading routes. Gygo Teric prefers doing business without the government, but sometimes that’s impossible so he pays for a spokesman, Artolan. Artolan and Gygo try to keep the Union as separated from the government as possible so Artolan is only at the capitol when the Union needs him there.

Irla Cevistar, the minister of culture, gained her place in the government by winning a bet. The minister of culture was invented the year before when Lacos Demnisas accidentally wasn’t included in the government in spite of his big donation. The minister of culture has only a small budget and no responsibility. Irla is responsible for everything you can call culture if it’s in her interest.

Selections are every year, this way almost each rich Higher Feranian can buy a position in the government once or twice. If you think this is to divide the position equally you’re wrong, this way they gain the most money. Usually ministers stay one or two years, sometimes they come back a few years later, but the ministers are changing relatively fast and so do the laws. Due to the constant changes there aren’t many ministers with experience, decisions are often taken quick and without thinking them through thoroughly. That’s why ministers often lose respect from many Higher Feranian families during their year as ministers. Only few ministers manage to keep a position more than 2 years. Elchdor Savasdor is the most famous and most respected minister; he has been minister of finances for 8 years. He didn’t even pay for the last 3 years. He is still involved with the government and is often asked for advice, but he doesn’t want an active role anymore and declined the Head of Government position this year.

Mining is the most important and organized part of Ferania’s economy. The actual mining is done by the Slaves, the Lower Feranians run the mines and the Higher Feranians get all the money. Copper, Tin and Iron are the most common ores. It is done relatively cheap and simple by the Slaves, mining shaft collapse and Slaves die once in a while, but is isn’t expensive and profit is all that matters.
There is a lot of cattle to feed the Slaves and the Lower Feranians, of course the Higher Feranians can’t eat the same meat. The cattle is managed by the Lower Feranians and isn’t treated well, but that doesn’t really matter as long as you can slaughter them.
The last notable part of the economy is the war industry, weapons and armor is produced in large quantities. The most of the weapons are owned by Higher Feranians who organize tournaments to see Lower Feranians and Slaves fight.

The keyword in the Feranian military is quantity, the Feranian army is HUGE. It consists of Lower Feranians and Slaves. The most of them are poorly equipped, copper armor and weapons and they didn’t have any training. Training is expensive and since fighting is common way to solve problems in Ferania, not very useful.
The Slaves are stupid enough to follow any simple order and the Lower Feranians are smart enough to do them right and some even know some things about tactics. The most of the army are regular citizens with weapons and a shield, but there are some better equipped troops, who fight for individual Higher Feranians, they’ve had training and know how to handle their more expensive weaponry.
The Slaves function as frontline troops and as anti-cavalry, they’re big and harder to kill than a Lower Feranian, but they are dumb and easily distracted. Army with a club or spear they are more deadly than many Lower Feranians, but with arrows you can take them down like children. Some Slaves are specially trained soldiers, they’re armored and know how to kill, that’s actually the only thing they know and once fighting they can’t see the difference between an ally and an enemy.

(Some) Important Cities
Lagir – Capitol
Lagir isn’t a very big city, it’s populated by Higher Feranians only, their Lower Feranian servants live in the nearby city of Ughol. Only Higher Feranians are allowed in Lagir, with the exception of guards, servants and some special/rich Lower Feranians. The government is seated in one of the big halls and is forbidden for normal citizens, Higher Feranians sometimes make their way in bribing the guards, but that is not an official issue.
Agnos – (Slave)Market
Agnos is a very important mining and industry city and one of the only cities with a big (Slave)market. There are mines nearby who provide the ores and slaves, farms nearby who provide the food. The city lies near a river that is used as trade route and there are big halls in the centre of the city. The market is located in these halls, there are 3 main roads through the city that lead to the halls, and one of them is recently blocked by a few houses. The whole city, like most Lower Feranian cities is crowded and there are houses everywhere they might fit. There are no laws for building so cities are expanding rapidly and every once in a while the roads need to be cleared.
Oterg is a Lower Feranian city just like Agnos, but there are no big public buildings, so there is no place for market. Weapons and armor are Oterg’s most important products, as well as soldiers. The best blacksmiths of Ferania are found in Oterg, but you’ll have to look good, because there is no such thing as a guild.

Hero – Galthos
Galthos is one the most powerful Lower Feranians, he’s one of the biggest and smartest and above all he is rich. Galthos himself never made money, his father did. Galthos is one of the most important generals and last year he declined the position of tactical minister. Tactical minister is one of the positions the Higher Feranians made to satisfy the Lower Feranians, the main job of the tactical minister is to tell the generals what the war minister wants, so the tactical minister is a fancy word for errant-boy and servant of the war minister.

The Slave population is unknown and counting them would be like counting the population of lawnmowers (at least that’s the Feranian opinion). But the population is estimated on 10-20 million active workers, that are only the Slaves that work for Higher Feranians in the mines, industry etc., there might be another 5 million owned by Lower Feranians and those on sale can be found at the market.
The Lower Feranian population is more important is even less important than the Slaves. The Slaves are sold, bought and used to compare wealth. Every once in a while the war minister comes up with a rough number, to see how big the army would be. Based on that number the total population is estimated on 213 million.
The Higher Feranian population is the most important one and is precisely documented; on the moment there are 98 840 Higher Feranians in 634 families.

I’ll update this later


There is some history documented but on May 24th they were still looking for it.

You want more!? and more you'll get, but this is it for now.