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Frank Klepacki's 'Transform' and Mental Omega

25 January 2019 - 08:44 AM

To preface, I actually got into Frank Klepacki's solo work because of Mental Omega. I don't know what the deal is between the Mental Omega devs and Frank when it comes to his music, but I bought a few of his albums to support him because his music works so well with Mental Omega and I want to see it stay.


To be specific I'm proposing some of the tracks from Frank Klepacki's recent album 'Transform' could make it into the game. There's quite a few tracks in there which I think could work well for specific sides. I know Epsilon has Black Ice and Foehn has World Beyond, so maybe ignore the suggestions for those if they're exclusive. If all the songs were utilized, my list would be:


Allies - Square Jaw Punch, Underwater Probe, Direct Navigation

Soviets - Beyond The Assembly Line, Mech Driver, Fireball Shots

Epsilon - Transform, Demon Clutch (I'm a bit iffy on these because in tone they work better with the Soviets, but the instrumentation is more in line with Epsilon)

Foehn - Shadow Spy (could actually work as a GDI track in Twisted Insurrection), Future Hope (well... the title says it all)


What do you guys think?