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Looking for modellers and others

08 February 2008 - 03:36 PM

Hey we're in need of more members so it couldd be you!


head over to this link to check out the mod and if you like it please apply in the right forum =)

We currently need
AI Coders
FX Coders
and preferably more skinners

whether new or very experienced, as long as you can produce sufficient work that can then be revamped later we could use your help!

we really could use a goood modeller =)

Soooo yesss mods going along well but need more, please check it out and apply if you want to join:
(please actually go through the link for applications, please don't just reply here saying your interested and wait for us to chase you up and get all your details)


AI wander behaviour

03 February 2008 - 02:57 PM


i have a bird unit that i'm having problems with
its a simple unit with decent vision that flies about =)

but i want it to move about on its own wandering about everywhere using the AnimalAiUpdate which does what i want it to
because they are flying units
when they get to the edge of maps....
they keep going
=( and are lost forever!

anybody know any ways around this

this is probably a silly problem but i enemies wont attack the unit =( can't see what im doing wrong there either

; Dove
Object Dove_white_in_game		  
 ; *** ART Parameters ***

  Draw = W3DScriptedModelDraw ModuleTag_01
 	  OkToChangeModelColor = Yes
		RandomTexture = CUBird02.TGA 0 CUBird01.tga
		RandomTexture = CUOwl1.tga 0 CUBird01.tga
		RandomTexture = CUOwl2.tga 0 CUBird01.tga
		RandomTexture = CUOwl3.tga 0 CUBird01.tga

	  Model			   = CUBird_flya
	  Animation = Idle
		AnimationName	   = CUBird_flya.CUBird_flya
		AnimationMode	   = ONCE
	AnimationState		= MOVING
	  Animation = Moving
		AnimationName	   = CUBird_flya.CUBird_flya
		AnimationMode	   = LOOP
	  Flags			   = RANDOMSTART


Scale = 1.2

 ; ***DESIGN parameters ***
  Side = Hogwarts
	IsTrainable		= Yes
	EditorSorting	= UNIT
	ThreatLevel		= 1.0
	ThingClass		= HORDE_UNIT
	CommandPoints	= 12;;10

	BuildCost		= 0
	BuildTime		= 0
  TransportSlotCount = 1
	Conditions	  = None
	Armor		   = NoArmor
	DamageFX		= None
  VisionRange = 500
  ShroudClearingRange = 500
  DisplayName = OBJECT:Prop
 ;CrushableLevel = 0 ;What am I?:		0 = for infantry, 1 = for trees, 2 = general vehicles
 ; *** AUDIO Parameters ***;
  VoiceSelect = NoSound
  VoiceMove = NoSound
  VoiceAttack = NoSound
  VoiceFear = NoSound
  VoiceGuard = NoSound
;  SoundDie = NoSound
;  SoundDieFire = NoSound
  SoundStealthOn = NoSound
  SoundStealthOff = NoSound
	VoiceGarrison		 = NoSound
	VoiceEnter			= NoSound
	VoiceEnterHostile	 = NoSound
	VoiceGetHealed		= NoSound

 ; *** ENGINEERING Parameters ***
  RadarPriority = UNIT
	Body = ActiveBody ModuleTag_02
		MaxHealth		 = 30;BALANCE Gwaihir Health
;		MaxHealthDamaged  = 500
;		RecoveryTime	  = 5000

		HealingBuffFx = None
		DodgePercent			  = 20;;
	Behavior = AnimalAIUpdate ModuleTagWanderAround
		FleeRange = 50		; how close enemies have to be before we panic
		FleeDistance = 400	 ; how far the animal will run once spooked
		WanderPercentage = 95;percentage of the time we should move
		MaxWanderDistance = 1000 ;maximum distance to move at once
		MaxWanderRadius = 4000 ; how far to wander on our own
		UpdateTimer = 1000	; temp disable		10	; how often do we want to check for enemies

	Locomotor = CrowLocomotor
	Condition = SET_NORMAL 
	Speed	 = 97
  Behavior = PhysicsBehavior ModuleTag_04
;	Behavior = GiantBirdAIUpdate ModuleTag_GiantBirdAI
;		AutoAcquireEnemiesWhenIdle	=	Yes ATTACK_BUILDINGS
;		MoodAttackCheckRate			=	500
;		AILuaEventsList				=	GwaihirFunctions	
;		FollowThroughDistance		=	160
;		FollowThroughCheckStep		=	50
;		FollowThroughGradient		=	1.0
;		GrabTossTimeTrigger			=	3.0
;		GrabTossHeightTrigger		=   80.0
;		TossFX				= FX_DiebyFalling
;		SpecialContactPoints		= Swoop
;		AttackPriority = AttackPriority_Eagle
;	End
  Behavior = SquishCollide ModuleTag_06

  Geometry = CYLINDER
  GeometryMajorRadius = 0.8
  GeometryHeight = 0.8
  GeometryIsSmall = Yes
  ShadowSizeX = 10
  ShadowSizeY = 10
  ShadowTexture = ShadowI


Much thanks for any help =)

Flying Units

28 December 2007 - 06:50 PM


mee having a problem with getting some units flying and using a ranged weapon......

after lots of silly mucking around with the gwaihir.ini i've realised i have to edit the AIUpdateInterface / GiantBirdAIUpdate behaviourss

what i reallly want is to have a unit that flies, that uses the giantbirdslowdeath behaviour (makes it fall from sky when dies, not just dissappear), and to use a ranged weapon (but preferably still dive down a bit and fire the weapon as it flies past...but thats more a bonus) ANDD when they're built i'd like them to be built from the building, not float down from the sky =D


so far it seems to me i have to use AIUpdateInterface instead of the giantbird one if i want to use a ranged weapon (thats without the dive though..), and the units start on the floor at the building then fly up.
BUT i have to use the GiantBirdAiUpdate if i want the GiantbirdSlowDeath - and i really do want them to have this slowdeath...they look silly when they dont have this...(if they dont have it they fall out of the sky reallllly slowly)

i've tried fiddling with locomotors PreferredAttackHeight...... isn't really making much difference


PS. another quick problem: How can i make a Building with the TunnelContain behaviour use a certain animation everytime a unit goes in it? =P


The X-Mod

30 September 2007 - 01:00 PM


Well here is a new mod.
Well it is actually quite old - but new to be announced officially.

Having been my first ever mod when i was learning to mod, dropping it and starting it over the last couple of years - i have picked it up again, but this time with the capability to finish it.
Some of you may remember an X-Mod planning to just add a 'Mutants' faction to the current game > this is the same mod, but obviously i realised mtuants vs dwarves would not work. =D


History =D

As i've learnt new areas of modding i've gone back to this mod and continued it, ie orginally i did loaaads of coding for it, and gave up when i couldnt model or skin.
Then i picked it up by using re-skinned models for everythign as RenX i still couldnt get to export properly.
And now i can model and animate (not brilliantly) i am aiming to finish it.
Therefforee a lot of it is already complete.

I know my last mod (BFTC) wasn't all that successful, unlike BFTC, X-Mod has already got a substantial amount of work completed; units, heroes, buildings, upgrades, spellbooks.
- One of the factions is basically complete which i could always upload for beta testers...
- So please trust me it won't end up like BFTC, I am much more fond of the X-Men series/comics/cartoons than i was for POTC.

<end of excuses>





Factions: X-Men and Brotherhood
X-Men: More technologically advanced and organised.
Brotherhood: Sneak, rush and spam.

Heros: Many heros with cool spells and fx's including popular heros such as:
  • Charles Xavier
  • Storm
  • Jean/Phoenix**
  • Wolverine
  • Beast
  • Angel
  • Magneto
  • Pyro
  • Toad
  • Sabertooth
  • and more.....
Units: Unique units ranging from the X-Jet, Sentinels and Pawns!
Buildings: All with unique upgrade's suited to the faction's gameplay style!
Spells: With no overlap between the factions; 24 new spellbook spells including: supportive area-damage attacks, buffs to current units/hero's, only summonable hero's and more!
Campaign: I make no promises at the moment, but i think instead i will just make a few scripted maps of main bits from the movies/cartoons.


It will be more based around the films that the cartoons and comics - although when i do need ideas, ie new skills which i can't find in films - some ideas will be coming from cartoons (such as Sentinels).

As a lot of this mod has been completed already expect frequent updates on a variety of units/buildings/spells!


"I just wish i had a fan-signature thing like that below"

Posted Image

Then use this lnik with (img) (/img) around it (replacing the brackets with the square ones) :shiftee: :



As it goes for the team, at the moment it is only me, but later on with some models i plan to do i probably will need help.


A few teasers maybe?

Posted Image
"Angels Wake" - Spellbook power - Angel flies across the battlefield beating down with his wings as he goes.

Posted Image
The Mansion - X-Men fortress - partially upgraded in this image, you can see the Cerebro power activated above, along with the "Dangerous Mutants" (Rogue and Leech wander around near the fortress draining life/weakening any enemies they come into contact with)


I think... thats everything....
Let me know what you think =D