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UC vs Seed

01 March 2009 - 05:49 AM

Hey, I ran this past Stargazer and thought I'd get more opinions from the Legacy forum members.

Guys want to see a Joint Mod where Legacy puts Zaft and Earth Alliance into two playable factions, while I supply Zeon and Earth Federation Forces units? It be a bit tricky with hero units and luckily we can turn them off. Maybe we could just keep it grunt vs grunt to keep things simple. I've seen 4th factions becoming playable but not sure about the base building part, when coded in. We'd have to see how the coding might turn out.

Or as Stargazer suggested, mini-mod add-ons where its
1) Zaft vs Zeon
2) Earth Alliance vs Earth Federation Forces
3) Orb vs ???

So, whats your thoughts people?