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02 October 2020 - 12:59 PM

I can't launch the redalert2 game anymore.
I previously downloaded the game and c & c online revoked, after several unsuccessful attempts I managed to connect online, but I always had connection problems with other players, I ended up finding a suggestion to join vpn (personally I don't even understand what it is, I'm not good at computer science, but I spent many hours looking for info in forums to make it run) and using one more vpn application I could play online without problem, quite an achievement. after that I renewed harward by adding a ssd disk and reinstalling all my games on it. to realize that it no longer opens the game, with or without c & c installed on the computer, it is indifferent I cannot launch the game, I always get the same error (an error has occurred when updating command and conquer; red alert 3 , the application you are running). It seems illogical to me that I have to spend more time being able to make the game work than I will be able to dedicate to playing it ,,, please help before I completely abandon the game that I love so much