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How to make the AI use/purchase spells?

06 September 2006 - 09:04 PM

First off, sorry if this has already been covered in another topic. I haven't had a lot of free time lately to browse/search around...

Anyway, has anyone found a way to make the AI use it's bought spells? During games I've only notice the AI using the first tier spells... even on Brutal. I miss the days when you could find a balrog landing in your base ripping it up. Nothing like that or the AOD to turn the battle around.

I've only just started messing around with modding the game, so hopefully it isn't too difficult. Any suggestions?



Iron Plating and corresponding upgrades

22 August 2006 - 03:12 PM

Does anyone know how the iron plating upgrade for Isen works and the corresponding upgrade for all factions? I haven't had time to dig deeply into it. Anyway what I'm interested in doing is changing those upgrades so they affect the fortress and walls for only certain types of damage. I've already made walls, wall hubs & fortresses impervious to everything except monsters, siege & magic. I'd like to make those upgrades eliminate magic from damaging fortresses.

Also, how difficult is it to add a new damage type? What would I have to added to do this?

Thanks in advance.


Allies in towers, dragon strike & CP's

20 August 2006 - 05:18 AM

Can someone tell me how to allow allies to enter battle Towers that I build. I've changed AllowAlliesInside = Yes in the individual Battle Tower INI's

However it still didn't seem to work. Do I have to change something someplace else?

Secondly, does anyone know where I can find what type of damage the Dragon summoned by Dragon Strike does?

Lastly, could someone refresh my memory as to where the total number of command points for multiplayer games are located? I mean the max you can have during a game of say 6 players and so on.

Thanks in advance!