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In Topic: Any hope for making Zero Hour retail work?

08 January 2020 - 01:03 AM

Hey, sorry for the necro, took a long to line up our free time to try again, but want to close out on this: good guess! There was an Data\INI modification I'd forgotten about from when I was going through singleplayer that made widescreen work better. Getting rid of that made it work!

Marking solved, thanks a ton!

In Topic: Any hope for making Zero Hour retail work?

05 October 2019 - 04:46 AM

(Whoops, I had notifications turned off!)

Hm, thanks. That makes GenTool happier (I get a more complete GenTool menu, and it's now saying "cracked" instead of "incompatible"), but unfortunately the alleged online version mismatch remains. Actually visiting them again for today, and LAN play's still working fine. Odd.


Edit: There's a blur of GenTool's overlay checking files bottom-left, before determining it's a "modified" install. It doesn't care about extra stuff in the folder, does it? I've got the original exe zipped up under there. Does the list of files get logged somewhere?