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In Topic: HELP having trouble playing zero hour online!

30 August 2019 - 08:40 AM

You shouldn't use the C&C:Online launcher to launch Generals or Zero Hour.   If you are playing only those games, you should unhook and uninstall the C&C:Online launcher and install GenTool.  When you have done that, you just launch the game from its ordinary shortcut.     If you are using the Ultimate Collection, you should install this first; C&C Ultimate Collection Launchers.


how to install C&C Ultimate Collection Launchers? When I click on the link there are 6 categories:

and when I click on any of these it gives me 3 things to click : 

1. C&C BIG Extractor

2.  C&C String Editor

3.C&C Ultimate Collection Launchers    <== this one was your original link


please help !