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List of Suggestions for 1.2

09 February 2018 - 06:25 PM

Bob told me to make a list on the forum of all my suggestions.


- The ground combat camera should be given the same freedom as space combat and an increased zoom. The vanilla camera controls for ground are arbitrarily constrained and claustrophobic.

- Stats for new Rebel ground vehicles when the models are available:

  • - T1-B will be optimized for anti-infantry and anti-light vehicle as well as the Rebel/New Republic's primary anti-aircraft vehicle (the Rebels are in desperate need of anti-aircraft). Main gun should be a double light laser cannon with a decent rate of fire. Good against both infantry and light vehicles. Gun should be better than the T2-B as far as damage is concerned but a lower rate of fire. Flak pod should be able to swivel upwards but the entire vehicle would need to rotate to aim left/right. Will have shields.
  •  T3-B will be less raw power than the T4-B but more refined. Max upgrade for main guns will be in the heavy laser range with a decent ROF and the secondary triple proton torpedo tubes will be artillery range, making the T3-B multipurpose. Will be faster than the T4-B. Not sure if it should have shields even though it canonically does. I feel shields should be relegated to hover vehicles.

- The spiral line should be removed from the tractor beam graphic, leaving only the plain blue beam.

- Sentinel landing craft should be the ones to deploy PX-10 Compact Assault Vehicles. Barges are overdoing it.(?) I think in general the Imperials should use the sentinels for deployment a lot more. They're an Imperial staple.

- B-Wings shouldn't do bombing runs. This should be reserved for Y-Wings and K-Wings.

- This is a softer suggestion but I feel like proton bombs don't "fit" B-Wings(?). I'd give them proton rockets tops, but as I said this is just a feeling.

- Seismic charges should get a better graphic. The current sprite looks fake and flat.

Phoenix Rising Discord

07 January 2018 - 08:43 PM

I took it upon myself to make a Phoenix Rising Discord.


I think I got the bulk of the roles done. If you're a mod leader or on the mod team I'll give the appropriate roles.